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carriage. 8. Do not allow boys to smoke tobacco, especially cigarettes. 9. Do

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applied to diseased arteries. By dilatation we generally mean a uniform

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tonsils, pharynx and above all to the interior of the larynx, by

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though I made it a point to visit every village of the Tarai, or peculiar people, who

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self-conscious fumblings were impossible to conceal from most patients who,

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lips, on the tongue, palate, interior of the cheeks, &.c; but it

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then placed under the Albers-Sdhonberg .compression dia-

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228 Dr. Harrison on Tubercles in the Air-cells of a Bird.

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gent collyrium for subacute conjunctivitis ( to 3 i.).

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And lastly, a most important difference between the

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tion, upon which .the woman screamed out that I was

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house — that is, in Blockley. The care of the patients was at

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T. brucei), and immediately transferred to complete

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The Report of the Committee on State Medicine. — Sev-

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affections, and fixing it on a totally different class ; taking it away from the wasting,

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Trousseau's Test. A few drops of tincture of iodin are added to the urine.

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revised at the Census OiHce. The iwpulatiou of Dublin is taluu as.

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Case 16. — Patient. — F., white woman, aged 48. Medical No. 24,239.

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approximately $500 million, no small sum in Oregon, and is

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York ; Robert Battey, of Rome, Ga.; B. Bernard Browne,

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The H. K. Mulford Company originated the method of supplying antitoxin in aseptic

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lead to the solution of many of the problems which now

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Early studies indicate that this policy is actually in-

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desquamation begins. This does not occur in the extremities as it

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large communities. Mine. La Chapelle's estimate was not exag-

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of Paris casts and drawings, and commenced by dividing the subject

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frequent in the female. The condition may be divided into

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Mr. Busk desires to add, that although he is of opinion, judging from the ex-

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sideration of those who find a facile explanation of many

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number of years had elapsed since they had transpired. These circum-

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We give to Mr. Allarton the fullest credit for the ability he

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developed in larynx first, and spread up and down. Tube

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elaborately divided and subdivided. The main division

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the quantity of pus lying in the urethra behind the bulbo-

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cholesteatoma. A neighbouring vessel appears to be thrombosed, full

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The whole chapter is so good that it is difficult to stop quot-

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patient earry and regulating the air supply and giving

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moderate application of the drug to the cervix and vagina.

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Dr. Sanderson maintained that the definition of inflam-

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tart, antimony. Antimony, in some of its forms, especially

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If lliero is u history of acutely developing pulmonary symptoms — ruptun;

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the influence of a local application of a solution of bi-

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