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was kept and watched for two years, and in that time all the

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mortality rate, which has continued up to the present

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If one scrutinizes the subject properly, there is no

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to be normal. Microscopically, the muscles showed the

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this disease extensively. Mold at that time was the terminal

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" Mr. Arnott said, that in regard to the operation in question, the experience

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Much seems to depend on the manner of speaking aloud. In one

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the lever to be moved. Parallel fibres fill the muscle sheath

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to recognize and treat the disease, as far as the local pro-

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spasms occasionally attend the access of the disease ;

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animal showed a loss' of weight the injections were discontinued, and resumed

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adhesion a salpingitis. This is another cause added to

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sition is erroneous. Although a considerable part of the re-

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Preventive Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices of Physicians in

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as the inevitable result of the prevalence of tlie doctrine

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thrive, and secondly, in those who have impaired digestion. Some sixty

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I would here introduce an observation of Andral's, which

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■trains mch of Rwla awl IMta^h. li \» pka.'iaiit of lasti'. senltr MlratteUBe 1

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We invite the authors' attention to this point ; the book is so good

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cease suddenly, and a severe pain is immediately experienced in

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cal attainment, or disregard of medical etiquette, proliibits

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which syphilitic inoculation of an infant's genitals may take place. In the

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the lives of passengers and crew, on Folly Island, near

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Announcement," in which let me say, I am deeply inter-

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Let it not be sninioaed th.at the reasons in favor of

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the remedy which is called "theriaca," and which has been

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Dr. S. G. Dabney : I was particularly interested in the case reported

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to the plinicid history, and the significanoe or value of the thermometric

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licentious woodcuts, which was lately hawked about openly,

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Dr. H. S. Hewit, late Medical Director of the Depart-

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my, and he left the matter entirely in their : killed me." His countenance was pale

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sterin, which enters into the composition of bile, does not exist in the

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Pathology, Hygiene, etc., are excluded altogether, partly, no