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is often of the utmost value even without any previous curettage.


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four or five days I thought over the history of his injury and

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The whole operation was done by the antiseptic method. The

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course of a non specific diarrhea and the general appearance of the

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such mares to breed. In other instances the removal

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Dr. Miles took a somewhat more cheerful view of the sub

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If you slightly touch the toe or even pass the finger lightly over

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devote themselves. Professor Zendanester s agent calls him

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as to which the purchaser does not have full knowledge should

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things to write of in connection with this matter such as

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of our orchards. Its flowers exactly resemble apple

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testing with the surface thermometer the special value of the

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ciated with marked Uthaemia but unaccompanied with albumen

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origin and independent of any inflammatory process. On the other hand

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the presence of fluid almost certain there was also towards its

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Massage and electricity are growing in favor again but they by

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naturally look for something else which might be free from them

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horizontally but also downwards to an extent varying with every area.

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general practitioner the straight position gave on the

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scarcely enough to be called gesticulation yet more

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thing fo much facilitates the cure of ulcers in the legs as covering

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forms which bursts and reveals an opening from which

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