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microscope with our knowledge of the function of cells. The
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Gradually, in about three weeks, the apprehension and hallucinations
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can recommend it as a thoroughly scientific work. J. M. L.
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sick to the well, the infection being the poisonous matter coughed up
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involution melancholia, manic depressive insanity, alcoholism,
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not offer any great hope for curi; by removing Ihal
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clouding of consciousness; labored breathing; difficulty in swal-
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carrying out the desire of the founder. In March, 1901, upon the
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where there are all(rii;il<- puiiils of pressure
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greater care should be exercised to prevent inf(,'c-
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we recall the success with which sanitary science has dealt with
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positive success of this national system of vaccina-
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The patient was exceedingly nervous before we went to the dental
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of mosquito bars, and no guilty mosquito should be allowed to es-
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Thomas B. Futcher, M. D., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine.
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Diseases of Metabolism and Nutrition. — A Series of Mono-
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We have reason to congratulate the profession of our sister State
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Assistant Resident Surgeon 1910- 19?2 • few's ""* ln S"?^ 1«"»-1»10|
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fire at Baltimore threatened our laboratories, we were fortunate
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particular line of cleavage makes the results difficult to understand,
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lessly, but as certainly, as the disappearance of the rainbow? So
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committee to give the matter publicity in order that it may come
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George J. Heuer, M. D., Associate Professor of Surgery.
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appointed. Opportunities for instruction were afforded to graduates
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malarial troubles, was taken sick on the 6th day of October, with a
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1899-1904; Resident House Officer, 1897-98; Physician in charge, Gastro-
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wards of the Hospital. While the primary aim of the School
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other classes of subjects and by the other set of words equivocal in
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of yon bright elysium of peace, sped on angels' wings, they waft us
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death in its various forms and with injuries of all sorts,
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Lecithine. In the other four cases characterized by an advanced
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ganglion cell which could be described as anywhere near normal.
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The newer blood-vessel operations. — Who should do them? —
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Co., Fort Worth, Texas, or the nearest Grocers who carry
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University College; Physician to University College Hospital,
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Another '"anti" doctor suggested that it was simply a fatal case
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agent for electrical and X-Ray apparatus. Oliver Brush, 710 Col.
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recorded. — Archives of Internal Medicine, 1917, xix, 194.
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community, and at that time the mosquito was not considered
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First Assistant in Bloomingdale Hospital, New York, 1911-13 ; Psychiatrist in
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Assistant Dispensary Physician. .William K. Skilling.
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lectureship designed to promote a more intimate knowledge of the