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similar to that of this officer, it was fortunate that he had the ball extracted.

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MetchnikolT believes that the alexin of the leucocytes is liber-

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valuable contributions to science, and the co-editor of Tiedemann in the

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was suffering under prolapsus uteri to the extent of about an inch and a half.

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from some causes as yet unknown or obscure. In arterio-

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balls, where there is no fuse, are surrounded by a halo of light, of which

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seventy reported where the poison was conveyed to the

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often contain a dangerous amount of mineral and or-

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lia a little over a month ago, and while American ports are in

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legs; no enlargement of lymphatic glands ascertainable on palpa-

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number of cases has been 83 in Europeans, and 206 in colored

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Dr. M. Hall proposes to divide all the nerves into — 1. The cerebral or the

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block of epithelium, the fundus being separated from the

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before Congress partake of this character, and are to

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To be assistant-surgeons with rank of first lieutenant — Arthur

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of removing the tonsils by enucleation. The first patient was

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closed, the right can be opened slightly; no pain in the part; no vesicles;

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Diet is an important factor in the production of indican.

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epidemic, and it was to prevent the spread of just such dis-

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League Against Syphilis.— A societv has been formed at

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ologic and Public Health laboratories of the Western Infirmary

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disposed to scan these ephemeral productions too closely; but it appears lo

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mon among his diabetics, and he would not look upon it so

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The necessity of asepsis in midwifery is so apparent

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denoted the tumour to be of the melliceris kind ; I therefore procured a

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Journal of the Medical Sciences.) With two plates. 8vo, pp. 16. Phila-

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subject of a future communication. In mammalia and in birds, the germinal

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reasons in existing complications or excessive alcoholism for

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ingenious and of such far-reaching consequences to the

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Dr. Sigmond was of opinion that the case related by the president was an