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Calmette who studied the endemic disease at Saigon came to the
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The second theory of the etiology of the chorio epithe
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Brandini and many others to give relief from the intense
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was found. This tumour was formed upon one of the branches of the
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to a cinder powder and mix well with the yolk of an egg.
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at the end of a month than one one inch in depth there
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from the frontal bone to keep this in its place and form the
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had been under treatment for more than two years with
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matology consultant in view of the persistently nor
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cation of inflammatory new growth and d degenerating tumors
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known to be able to produce degeneration of the periph
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also showed that certain strains of certain other types of organisms did
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may not have been the direct result of the operation those
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of potash or soda and passing chlorine into the solution. The
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leges in the hands of the professors of the faculty of medicine
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tuning fork through the skull may be lessened or absent
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have undergone inflammation and contraction of their connective tissue
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third. Three weeks after this the gland was reduced to
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quest but I have a letter from Professor Eliot which I will
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pseudo membranous sore throat which have prevailed in the departments.
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and to locate any probable centers of infection. A large force was
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used their newly acquired pharmacological wisdom while
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dent no difference could be made out between the two
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ino epithelioma papillary squamo cellular epithelioma papillary fuso
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method of ojierating and that cases that are positively
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actually establishing higher standards of living but a change
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taining the earliest and most severe attack. In the
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Lecturer on Anatomy Surgeon to Philadelphia Hospital etc.
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kidney liver or nerve centres. Dantec found several varieties of micro
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the condition of parresthesia to an imperfect nutrition of the
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tended to be hot but which quickly became cold evaporating lotions.
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influenza bronchitis etc. During the recent influenza epidemic the
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smaller proportion in Shanghai than at home. In my report for
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