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and the old ventilators from cesspools and vaults have continued
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in 129 instances, and unsatisfactory in 79 cases; whilst out of 343
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saying that the enormous waste of grain on service is due
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tinued. The Drinker respirator was considered but was
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and has been sent out to practitioners in large quantities. In
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and to trust the honor of the profession of this State
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ineal wound was kept open by daily introduction of the
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Body ruined by Dissoluteness. SUPPLEMENT. 1, On Arnica (Arnica mon-
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part and motion of the body which corresponds most with the pas-
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in air instrument. What it gains as an air instrument from the
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Subsecjuently, pilocarpine was administered instead
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sclerosis increases, less and less response is got, and in the very ad-
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that city during his stay. In the course of his re-
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fortunately the good seed grows, if not as fast as the bad."
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Dr. Hutchison replied that the mother's account left little doubt that
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All gun-cotton is not soluble in nitro-glycerin. The tri-nitro-
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the prodromal period may be so slight as to pass quite unobserved.
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timony to the truth of Dr. Bright's observation. The cases of urine
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Stays, hurtful to women in depreffing their nipples 273
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toms which indicate, and the symptoms which contra-
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pressure, or (2) contracting the pupils, or (3) stimulating
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nature was fitted to awaken tender feelings in those with
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instances they persist for months and years, being worse
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galls, soreness, and subsequent atrophy of muscles swell-
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would consist of the report of 124 laparotomies, the
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tional disturbance is so severe, that it sometimes seems at once to
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had without having recoiirse to asylums, no doubt that will be tried ; but it
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cicatricial tissue. The posterior ulcer as a rule is the more
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within six or seven months, as they will not be crisp after that
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The culture tubes and swabs can be obtained of the following
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ing the voyage ; in fact, it can be said that all, those
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something the Board of Health cannot do everything.
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explanation I assigned to the above remarkable symptoms was as follows: by
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seats packed, an orderly on each seat beside the driver, the commands
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however. In all cases of loan, the books must be sent
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of sixteen, and, from that time onward, paid all his expenses out
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from epithelioma of the face, and who had returned to his estate
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Herman and Yoit showed that this was excreted into the small intestine,
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are at first in the morning and for many days the temperature may go above
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a point far above it ; the rise is abrupt and has largely escaped detection