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has revealed gross inflammatory changes in the spinal cord.

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ware and otiior imi)ediinents hindering them, so that their lands

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tion by this organism. B. pullorum has never been observed to pro-

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with the disease, can be employed in agricultural work. To-day this

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pitch, being quite low. In one of these cases there is still another murmur

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the breast milk. Although there was no diarrhoea, severe

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manent quarantine establishment, ''but not within one

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Overtasking of body or mind, exposure to vicissitudes of weather, the use of

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Mobbed Anatomy. — Diffuse redness and opacity of the arach-

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There are various conditions of the body which predispose the

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been engaged in superintending his large business. The

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patient's life in immediate jeopardy. The late Dr. Parry, of

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&c., and it is astonishing how long they may remain in the nose

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danger and death to the inmates. On this great subject I do not

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The girl was blind. On operating he foi;nd that the muscles were

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Board of Examiners for the Fellowship. — Dr. T. H. Bryce,

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of hippuric acid, and still others of tyrosin needles

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ill the disease being but slight, and, for the most part, of a seoondaiy

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the scrotum as large as a hen's egg. The ring is large enough to

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secondly, with a general one; the concept of a septicemia,

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found to have both kidneys movable. The diagnosis was

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paper based on a microscopic examination of numerous serial sections

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occasion I saw her, and added : * My sister-in-law takes

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or less waxy in appearance ; sometimes brown or black ; sometimes close

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ating our conclusion in such cases. The intercostal depressions

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the end of six or eight days, and union had taken place everywhere except

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in white flakes and yellow drops, but a considerable quantity undergoing

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C. H. Crownhart — Anthony Rufflo, MD; George Hellmuth, MD; Attorney Perry

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putrefactive diet composed of modified milk, cereal

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veins and circulated through the s}'stem with the blood, reaching

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is not conclusively established. There does not seem to be ground for con-

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and mounted. The precipitate formed by the mixture must

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completely or very nearly so. Therefore it must accomplish more work,

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increased energy of the heart and the quickened movement of the

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ous nodules and placental clots were other sources of emboli.

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How different this tranquil sleep from the writhing torture of

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it supplies. The left vocal cord becomes motionless midway between the

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Treatment of Fibroid Tumors. It was fully discussed, Dr. Kimball, of Lowell,