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that in more than one case the diagnosis has been established.

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regulated strength and a fan to propel the gas into the hold or

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fourth intercostal space and outside of the left mammil

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parts and particularly along the back either little red pustules or a

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must therefore first come under consideration although as a

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chlorinated in accordance with the requirements of the French regulations on

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Clementis sententiam hoc modo supplevit Scaliger k. oyd Iri yivtroi

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sutures in the uterine wound but before introducing them a large

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Such kind of discoursing satisfieth me no more in divinity

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Cerebral emboli may be bilateral several may coexist and they haw

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Effect of Castration upon Women. Pfister Centralbl.

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The typhoid rabbit succumbed to his infection in six

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with its fields of endeavor by no means confined to the veterinary

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by Biot for the whole series of salts. But continues Mit

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disease was deeply rooted in his organism and that nothing could

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and at a walk the animal appeared sound. Left hospital November

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so that individually each resembles a triangle the external edge of

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announced by a sudden remission of pain sinking of the pulse

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pressure on the brain. When I speak of increased or diminished pressure on

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thousand population. The total infant mortality was 202

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The army veterinary school is housed in the buildings of the

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from Professor Lichtheim s view of bacilli occurring

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to the normal blood stimulus. The abductors of the larynx

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ing T or more properly crushing where it is passed be

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western and eastern coasts since it convened in this part of the

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the advice of the Solicitor General to prevent the Council from adding

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that the left hemisphere is like an elder brother who takes and

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the best. Where peristalsis is impaired he uses a strong faradic

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Of late years a great deal of attention has been paid to

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nitrate of silver with minute doses of compound colocynth pill a formula I

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by both Voltaic and Faradic currents one electrode being placed in con

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toward an institution of this kind. Those who desire to get an

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The treatment adopted also consisted in introducing into the pharynx

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moisture contained in the air. For this purpose he uses

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tuberculosis of the kidney. In the cases that had come

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personality asserts itself though not in the sense that there

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abdomen wild delerium etc. The next day the second of

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cUnical thermometer and a pulsilogium or pulse clock of his own

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was likely to act were of very great value to his colleagues

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original condition in the antrum was not an infection but a

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get u iaf they deserve and the ratings would be far

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wai according to statistics based on the late unpleasant

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twelve or fifteen years during which time it decimated the

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the corset and the decollette gown might be part of

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lumbar region. The patient is directed to respire deeply and regularly

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that no tumor was present and that the cord was smaller in size

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are widespread often hemiplegic the paralyzed muscles are spastic the

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exactly the same symptoms of intermittent fever for which it

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inaterial. The poisoning runs in stages First an inflamma

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can thus stimulate the flow of blood and milk secretion in all four

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gestions to parents as to treatment n ould be beneficial.

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Births birth rates and life tables are presented in section tenth. The

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cover first one eye and then the other. If both eyes are

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whether for the Membership or for the Licence in Midwifery they were also

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manner that it is obvious that they need a training in the

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formation of warts on the face and hands so often observed in

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met with in three fourths of the cases of cryptogenic

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the hospital and in 1S46 succeeded Lippich as Professor of Clinical

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magnesium sulphate crystals 403 12 fluidounces 350 c.c. 6 drams 25

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however tended rather to discourage celerity in operating while the

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strable defect in the coagulation elements. Thus certain chronic

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have done some work under his instruction. The Johns Hopkins

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and practical pharmaceutist who has kindly furnished me with the fol

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nfTected. The bleeder families are usually large. The members are healthy

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September 5 tliere was the first occurrence of delirium which

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living child out and then afterwards remove the tumor and thus relieve the

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tient expressing relief from pain and oppression in breath

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just commencing or already distinctly developed are further

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return of mental soundness such as to make it diflScult if

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it may be conjectured that as a rule the wounded and

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cipitate after remaining in an incubator and stand

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style the illustrations very clear and the book well

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because of the influx of mosquitoes from without. Such an influx

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lower extremities. The spleen was not palpated but was found

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same way tests were made at various depths of the stomach in


spreads centrifugally leaves cutaneous areas of former

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essence but the devil or so at least abhor any thing but

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this defect. Every one will be able to recall some occasion on

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This condition is brought about by a bruise or external violence

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tation but it is usually spoken of as amputation above the shoulder

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he was speaking for nearly every colonist in Natal

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seen both to spine and possibly to the muscles at fault or

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