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prism — and intercepting a beam of light, which will be

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annual meeting of this Society was held in August and Sep-

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nose, eyes, and face were badly swollen. He had ex-

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Introduction of Tubes into the Larynx through the Mouth.

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bar against impregnation ; but he entirely agreed with the

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tombs of kings, queens, priests, and wealthy men are now as solid

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iris, retina, and choroid, with hemorrhages into any and all of

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The second sound, which is sharper, shorter, and more superficial, has its

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Catgut, no doubt, has been the cause of tetanus in some

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complications were reduced; while in wards where there was cul-

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was 23, and of colds, 21. During six month, September, 1918, to

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difficult to puncture the cyst, and if only a small opening be made the cyst

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you may not be able to distinguish between glioma and tubercles in the

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superficial or deep, should be considered positive contra-

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Blakiston, Son, & Co., 1888. Pp. vii-169. [Price, $1.25.]

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tion accompanying gestation. About 74 per cent, of the recorded

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diminish so as to represent simply the tuberculous affection. Cases exem*

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the operation by ligature it is the secondary or re-

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offspring of healthy parents, occurring in the Hospital Jenner, from

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run the usual course. Rabbits, when inoculated under

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The alcoholic is diseased in his body and his mind; the

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For some writers, Carl Braun," for instance, eclampsia,

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instances at a certain age the drink habit disappeared and would

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patient, who for a lonj; time had ttecn alfected somewhat severely with

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thigh extended under chloroform, one inch added to the right

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memorable patients who have no chance except that offered by a

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left eye, with the following meagre history: One year ago, while

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cytes. The circumstance of the late appearance of the gamete

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The "Cnprep-aredness" of the Medical Profe-ssios. H. U.

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hospitals, as now proposed by several agencies, is im-

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After this Salvarsan and strong mercurial treatment was given.

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As the patient's general strength had been steadily de-

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It is an humiliating confession, but we are bound to admit that

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masses of the tropics with some sort of knowledge about the disease.

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that spot." In this case the treatment was simple, there being

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into the mouth was not swallowed. The patient was seen by Dr. Charles

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inflammation. New-born children may be infected during birth,

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been advocated by many writers. He sees no advantage

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of being observed, and under any emotional excitement. The movements

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not control the students. We cannot control the lecturers.

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Prognosis: Prune juice sputum toward crisis, probably

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trolled by constriction in the splanchnic area. (6) The

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unless fresh, gives the stools a black, tarry appearance; in jaundice

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the heart action has been excited or made rapid. But even so, this does not explain

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part, the author prefers it to the lesser energy of the incan-