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Aberdeen— R. G. McKerron, M.B.,* 143, Union Street.
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the presence or absence of oxygen is not the factor
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is to be overcome by the daily use of the sponge bath, by avoidii^ a
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not one of much importance ; the diets are very much concen-
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" Of the mode of treatment pursued with the different patients
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As to the answer to the question: "Who can hypnotize.''"
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Government Board, which, besides Dr. Eeece's contribution, would contain an
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(1) During severe muscular effort the arterial pressure rises and
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fully and not too rapidly, generally speedily restores
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of the patients i)resented any alarming symptoms. In
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for duty to accompany that regiment to Manila, P. I.
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great difficulty in voiding urine, the skin was hot
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devised which is also attached to the key-board. This consists of
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the one case he was a madman, and in the other a knave ;
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of the condition. In most of the recorded cases no taste or
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reaction, variations in the growth on potato, or in the type of the
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be an attainment requiring uo extraordinary labour, and would amply repay
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14. The hospital has accommodation for 50 patients.
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lin. Penicillinase producing gonococci identified in the
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After being placed in the usual position, and properly secur-
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on the sanity or insanity of a patient. (See Millar's ' Hints on Insanity,'
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pulsatlug liver is noted, but it is rare. There is often bile iu
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serum. Larger quantities are quite constantly found when the integ-
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fever have been long and warmly and ably argued ; it is not too much
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divided into three portions, i. Two-thirds we put into a cylindrical
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Egyptians had regular medical officers pai'l by the state, and
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numerous illustrations compare very well for the most part
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frequently the most unpleasant symptoms in acute disease is the
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W. H. Jalland stated that York seems to have been ahead of most places
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rate themselves without it ? Is it not true that, if we knew the
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In speaking of chloroform narcosis, he said that this agent acts mainly
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nant and often runs a rapid course. The myelogenous form^ sometimes
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method he spoke with some reserve when he said that, in his opinion, it would
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Littre and Callisen, were never during their lives afforded
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time ago a very small dose of morphine had produced an erysi-
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is seldom justified in burning an article against the wish of its owner,
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I'.l l<S with <>nl\ 12 beds. I his hospital
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it was, therefore, very difficult to fully record cases.
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All will agree upon the evil effects of gluttony and excess. The scholar
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far more liable to escai)e detection. For this sort he used a