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that the fetus may swallow amniotic liquid and that

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may or may not be simultaneously affected with the language faculty.

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the clinical picture of typhoid but the clinical picture

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characteristic texture dry with thin lamina stiffened by the strongly reinforced

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class of children children that give conspicuous evidence either of

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of which there have been two in my series the sensitivity over

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Ignorance of drug action and doubt therapeutic nihilism has

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parasites of the skins of animals and occasionally man in Central and

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Governor Morton President Johnson postponed the execution to June

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syphilitic and is beneficial in syphilis scrofula and rheumatism. If

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tremely valuable but it cannot always be an efficient substitute

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that it does exist in the large majority of cases is attested

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Laicodcrma. Slr. Startin showed a man who had symmetrical

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nell schwach entwickelten Herzen das physiologische Evolutions

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October 1915 and a cough developed a month later. Cough and

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change of dressing. That these cases arrive violently septic should not

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cold water at varying temperatures and pressures. Indicated in sci

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nant disease Fig. 49 foretells the approach of the fatal termination.

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abscess or downwards to the anterior mediastinum depression abscesses.

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gories enumerated in the beginning of this article it

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of the common iliac artery. The appendix is felt as

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involves the lymphatic glands. Anche 37 reports a case

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and the nose but on a level rather above the line connecting those

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iuto the acetabular cavity but by its retention at the

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ployedt and it is concluded that the extracts have no

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medical profession societies philanthropists and others.

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children terminated fatally butaltogetherionly one sixth to one

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improvements. No changes of importance have been made in the table

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potash. Cadeac deprecates this treatment as useless and danger

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valescent but on first getting up was affected by a transient

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The following gentlemen having undergone the necessary examina

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blood supply to the intestines upon the general circulation. 270.

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acterized by erosion of the cartilages thickening of the

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rence of achylia gastrica and the hypermotility of the stomach. As these

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Chloroform locally applied answers occasionally it may be used in the

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astringent properties of the bismuth compounds are to

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increasing persistence and the sufferer became alarmed

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preeminently a mathematical science it is not exclusively so. Until

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sent it also seemed probable that there was some growth in the

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in other diseases with the intensity of the affection.

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post. The source of infection is undoubtedly to be found in the impure

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ribs the symptoms being due to pressure exerted by a

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comprehensive and definite and provide for sufficient latitude to

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adopting the second definition which is founded on the measurement

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any cause these are incited into activity and it is

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dark very scanty and often albuminous. There is exces

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there is a sharply defined fiber tract which is probably a con

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deaths are due to tuberculosis. This must be based to a

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the certificate will not bear the true cause of death. Wa

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between the effects of a renal venous congestion and those


the fibromatous uterus imperious indications to operate. He

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or any soft unirritating material. After packing the

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and 25 years and has had the Small pox. Such a one

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secure its proper supply of nourishment during intra uterine

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constituents ot the body a diagnosis is made and treat

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the capsule as well as the articular surfaces had undergone tuber

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introduce and continue vaccination in that singularly organized kingdom

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without exception cases of putrefaction which usually recover without

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are Lieutenant Colonel J. Young commanding officer

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througli the muscle for some distance taking the nerve as a guide