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intestine. Swelling of the spleen. Cloudy swelling of the

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Later the animals throw the head upwards often shake it rub the

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supinators of the hand and fingers and the abductor pollicis

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great injury through the excessive use of alcoholic beverages.

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in his country and the degree of doctor of laws upon Dr. William

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in the urine concluHions based upon the presence or number of calcium

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flammation viz. cough pain in the chest especially upon

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scription given further than the assertion that the prostatic

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the lowest estimate is probably nearest the truth. The most import

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they would speedily come back for a remedy to cure the indiges

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ness. Microscopically the liver cells are seen in all stages of necrosis and

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mends the impregnation of body linen with a 30 per cent solution of

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of Medicine Medical Society of the L niversity of Mary

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often does not kill look at the Whitefields and the Wesleys

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bones or in a rapid advance of the pathological process.

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light until it just includes the two apices or only one while

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den excessive vertigo produced by an htemorrhagic extravasation or

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nor have I been affected during that time by any of the

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possesses the same medicinal properties. The bulb and leaves

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recommendation concerned the unity of the Final lOxami

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b. Krypton 85 and dye dilution techniques in the diagnosis and evalu

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were equipped with tents and a blaidcet was served out to

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Slight improvements in the colon metric method for determining

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affinity for arsenic and suggests that the neuro keratin of the nervous

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entery and typhoid fever it is a reasonable hope that

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Further India and especially in Cochin China in China and

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draining it may occur. Death in some instances has undoubtedly been

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A Practical Manual of Insanity. For the Medical Stu

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when the deafness is bilateral and considerable in degree. It is moreover

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greater curvature in order to avoid ulceration at the

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low it is useless and in venous engorgement it is only a very

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elapse between the date when the stedent satisfies the

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chloropicrin which did not cause immediate death except in extremely high

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Inversely this scabies of the Goat is transmissible to the Sheep on

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actually observed is always convergent never divergent.

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letter to The Medical Press and Oireular Drs. Sidney

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wise plan if every man went to his doctor for a thorough

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could have been conveyed to the military camp at Diyatalawa

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can expect 50 cures in suitable cases if operation is done early.

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only symptoms present beside the original ulcer which formed on the

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ously lower both absolutely and relatively than during

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