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breed. All the specimens I obtained are from bred material.

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Chronic poisoning by alcohol induces hardening and calci

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Only it the father or the mother was predisposed to tuber

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coccus melitensis of Bruce and closely allied germs characterized by

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the result of gonorrhoea or syphilis. Under these condi

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extremely rudimentary. There is no definitely demonstrable brain

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speaks of the admissions during the year and goes on to

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among the second cabin passengers of one of the North

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for ihe purchase of this apparatus which was gratefully

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sought treatment has been a good deal relieved. The abdomen

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which in his opinion mainly depends on the patient s

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followed by prompt and complete re our readers a review of the question

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Rubin projectile with its strong copper jacket comes

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a phthalein excretion varying from 10 per cent to a trace. The

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the cases of pernicious malaria are common the urine is increased in

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but whose general high record and intellectual qualities give promise

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less being the only one that the finger can detect per vaginam.

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when a positive reaction is obtained. Its negative value

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tuberculosis as the antitoxin of diphtheria is in the treatment

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pretation because they may occur in the uninfected. They may

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shown in the British returns for 1900 the first complete

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chronic articular changes gonorrhoeal arthritis occupies an inter

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if a majority of i anel practitioners were offered salaried

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wall. The inflammation runs its course the contents of the tube are

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found that it consisted mainly in an elaboration of cer

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contact with the chest is increased or diminished according as the

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an independent body should be formed but in view of the grave

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night and some hemorrhage from the nose which was arrested by astringents

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seventh rib in the mid clavicular line. There was no ijyrexia

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asylums and jails involuntarily as the result of judicial orders

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findings I have had the assistance and corroboration of

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ilefective transmission of spinuli including a break in the con

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his laurels in medical journalism and already stands

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On Localization of Function to Groups of Anterior Horn Cells.

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the curettings for in certain instances the vaginal tumor

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their experience showed that that method was not likely

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with carbolized glycerine and water was placed in the vag

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pregnant woman Does it inevitably mean that she has

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The amount of blood lost was inconsiderable. The arteries divided

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of excitement because the community knows that medi

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Boyd in England made extensive records of the weights of

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These investigations of the philologists are of great value to

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cases directly continuous with the antero lateral tract. But in

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consist of round and annulary fibres and move by undula

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an examination before the Board of Medical Examiners.

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CAMERON H. C. Note on so called Metastatic Pulmonary Cerebral Abscess Guy s

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circular received by the county council from the Local

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The abu.se of tea or coffee therefore will prove harmful to the

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for whom efficient legislation should be procured. So long as their

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in and be attributing the cause to constipation administered

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ber the corpuscles in this case still remained so much below the

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plained of in patients seen in civilian practice. Uncinariasis is easily

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the stools became normal but the temperature which for

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predestinated periods. For the lives not only of men but of

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lapses that occitrred. Two of the cases were pregnant

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Nee multo post hominem expresse vocat tov Aoyov dvdpidvray ct kqt

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by other unmistakable signs of syphilis with a history

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current to use and for applications to the vagina and uterus for

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slum iodide up to 3tK grains or more daily. Tuberculous tumors have Invn

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cer or tuberculosis may lead to embolism of the brain. Brain embo

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The intervals between blowings out should not be longer than four

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tion of radium because of the greatly increased pain

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the part of the operator. M. Scarpa will also publish an instrument