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Dr. FAKtiUHAHSON Said that, as a medical man, he had given

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tions are also left with the attendants that if pain set in I am

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the workmen of the Clydach Vale Coilieries, vice C. J. Jones,

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which were embodied in papers presented to the Paris Society

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Health (London) Act, which does not contain provisions as to

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Manchester ; J. Brock, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; T. Bromwich,

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were 11.3 lives lost in the district last year. There is a decrease in the

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Harrison and R. J. Bailey. London : Blackie and Son, Limited. 1893.

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nucleus," as described by Max Welters^ Treated with the

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R. G. Whiting. St. Partholnmew's Hospital; B. F. Wingate, St.

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Dr. Harrison.— Dr. Bannatyne and Mr. Beaumont read notes

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perforation or gangrene of the appendix may be regarded as

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