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The health resorts of the Blcick Forest are of lesser elevation than

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ference. It should be noted in this connection that with most

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this bill for it is imj ractioable to keep animals dur

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either dilatation or contraction due to involvement of the sympathetic. Ex

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mechanical injuries do not induce inflammation is wholly opposed to the

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ing cirrhosis of the liver or kidney Hodgkin s disease

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fered from excessive sleep since six years previously

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irritation from the leg up the nerve to the spinal cord

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In contrast with these unfortunate cases I can quote others of a more

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of course in the epidermis that of pustular as small pox in

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the pterygoid plexus and the cavernous sinus is the

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Rabbit E. Immunization commenced June. Received doses of

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Ward showed by experiments that the blue rays of the spectrum have

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am therefore the more unfit to give you advice. I have now

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removal to the highlands where the patient also suf

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ing. A saturated solution is to be recommended for this

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be paid to them occurring in the stronger. Perhaps all

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ful illustrating whatever is obscure and explaining the reasons

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which one has been published and there are also five other cases

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tional power may diminish. When these conditions arc permanent the

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turity early insomuch that in nearly all essentials it may be regarded

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precautions in the gynecological wards of The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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or in imported cases recently Wetherall reports an epidemic among sixty

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ing cirrhosis of the liver or kidney Hodgkin s disease

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Xanthoma. Mr. Hutchinson has recorded a case of xanthoma

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cases where the tendons run in long synovial canals that

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phimosis however was present which pointed to a reflex origin of

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We may add that the return to the original condition is

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ition of prickling which lie refers to the affected

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In one study using rabbits with knee joint injuries Salter

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the heart spasms were not attributable to the broken femur

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However as Murchison says even in many cases of megrim the pain

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the forefinger. This was done at intervals of three or four

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social reform. Let him join in a crusade against Alcohol

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the incision of the sac and the ligature of the artery above and

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