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Feb. 17, 1921. Tonsils small, flat; surface smooth and pale; no exudate. Bac-
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the destruction of several convolutions, viz., the whole of the inferior parietal
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This was introduced by Dr. Russell Thomas, of Lennoxville,
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Fain referable to the spine, or rachialgia, is generally added to the cepha-
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The lesions are those already described in the last article for
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to be deranged, in connection with influenzas, that IloUand, recording
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and poor population, and its proximity to the docks,
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invagination of the diverticulum could be g-iven. In two
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of the sac, thus effectually disengaging it and breaking
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by the one galvanic stance. In other cases analogous results
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alone is considered sufficient evidence of enlarged
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metrorrhagia, which is very profuse, with clots, lasting ten or more days,
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of mercury. After death, the dog was dissected. Numerous
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the hijj;hor the pitch of the tone made. There is no other
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The average rate of excretion of all normal cases is thirteen and
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to be the cause of the motor phenomena, but it will not
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ration, was two hours in progress, during which time the patient was
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breeders of purebred hogs, situated in all parts of the country, who
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The Nature Treatment of Tuberculosis. — R. O. Beard says
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son, Pfuhl, and Rosenberg, that formaldehyde exerts no deleteri-
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or nervous control as displayed by the gyrations of the iN'autch
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to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books
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infections. Tuffier and Lejars have described a costo-lumbar hiatus, through
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but by attacking the cause, we could devise some rea-
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other side. We were well acquainted with this method, which
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pilgrims at Suez, might do much toivards stifling this scourge
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much to be desired. The building is one of the old ories and probably
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and gamma rays, respectively, the penetrating power of which
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from sympathetic nerve cells and corresponding in development, structure
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Fig. 2. — Case No. 4. Photomicrograph showing meningeal infiltration.
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him in bed, quite unconscious. His face was livid ; he
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the bile-tlucts there is also proliferation of the sur-
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education at the University of Dublin. He was presi-
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affords some relief, and may, with other anodynes, at least prolong the effect
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Fauna <Termeszet. fuzetek, Budapest, v. 23 (1-2), 1. Mali, pp. 178-183; [re-
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was that of an ordinary chronic eczema, the discharges absolutely like that
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not known to have injured his skull. However, he had led an irregular
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the most marked perivascular exudation (fig. *i), and the vessels in the
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