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2. Upon confrontation in several hundred cases in which he proved
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in a gallop away the beggar went still I stuck like wax The
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The authors draw attention to another group of accidents which
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ma}- run on twenty or more, but we frequently see the horse dead after
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end, and slight as the improvement may seem, receive it as adequate
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monium, repeated as often as once every fifteen min-
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in the church before receiving the cure. A few, such
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pearance was produced, which, was a source of acute
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and by sacred unction: ^^Solis Franciae Regibus per
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should be seized with as little other tissue as possible. If it is a
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Apart from any interference by the spasm, voluntary movement is not
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instances be seen to project flagella and form a flagellated body similar
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Dr. Wilkins met with two cases where the rate per minute
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itself was then believed to be the chief of antiseptics, rapidly
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to consider them cured, when only partially relieved. Perhaps in no
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stomach, and renders digestion more active and regular. Besides these actions,
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etc.) which usually occur in patients suffering from hyperacidity
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over a wide distribution. They may be so minute as to escape detec-
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but also serve especially to limit the class of vagrant or ownerless dogs
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the vivacity, the sprightliness, and the spring of youth. One of
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disk and the left one normal, two had inflamed disks, and one, a
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Wang-Cheng and colleagues are correct: though 85% of
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these tables applied to our own Pharmacopoeia, would be a
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who applied the moxa to both sides of the neck, the shoulders, and the
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sional patient has rectal prolapse, sometimes over 25 cm in
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or in cold stables, should not be clipped. The horse that is driven much
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Only four of these, however, all belonging to the genus anopheles,
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mean the same thing, and so do grammes 0.50, 50 centigrammes, and
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hospital, in the meantime occluding the external wound or
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depending upon the condition that is found. If the whole or a greater part of
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of a hill overlooking the sea and the island of Kalo-
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into the cavities produced, causing inflammation of the
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vault could accommodate eighty slightly wounded men.
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Ritz-Carlton Hotel, San Francisco. Wed-Thurs. 14 hrs. $295. Contact:
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watched for all that has been published or. this sub-
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Ihis tuberculin at the State Hygienic Laboratory at Madison,
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held a large place in the phj^siolog}' of the time. It was not the air
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