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passed directly from his meals to the open air, and took
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lars, see annual announcement and cat^alogue, for which
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coated, the tip often red, and the papillae enlarged. The ap-
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hemiplegia. When the tongue is protruded, it deviates toward
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Close clinical observation has caused Lambert^s Lithiated Hydrangea to be regarded by
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involve only property, be paid ten times the fee that the
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ment, giving her things to remove the canker, and steaming to produce a natural
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of the ninth was determined, it seemed eminently proper
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and may closely simulate the paroxysms of true epilepsy ; but
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$20.2 million in general fund and $59.6 million in federal funds.
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recurring series of these metamorphoses is shown in the
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ing and drinking, by a delay in the femoral pulse, by gastro-
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The cordial reception accorded this preparation marks it as the most valuable combination in
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Terminations of Fever, Fever terminates by lysis or
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cumscribed, rounded, ivory-like patches, which have hyperaemic
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a human heart, measured 45 by 5 inches in diameter,
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Eczema Squamosum, In this form there are irregular ill-
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tion with human scarlatinal virus ; 2d, if so, whether
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parison by weight with a man, would be over four hun-
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contagium of foot-and-mouth disease. The disease is
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chase it. t However, at present, it is plentiful and the steady demand is easily
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during the paroxysms rose to 104 F., and sometimes even
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It exists in combination with an unimportant vegetable acid. If freed while
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toe was encircled by a deep sulcus, which had almost
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averted the catastrophe, if not wholly, at least for a
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of extracting the laxative properties of Senna without retaining the griping principle found in all other
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tion increased and diminished in severity coincidently
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from inflammatory shortening of the valves; or, more com-
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self entirely to the therapeutic discussion of the disease mentioned, basing my contentions on
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Lucas-Championniere has invented a new kind of band-
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and address to Keystone Publishing Co., Philadelphia. Do it to-day.
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* Read before the Philadelphia Obstetrical Society,
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Iodide of potassium (gr. x-xx thrice daily) is sometimes rec-
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up with glycerin and flavored with raspberry syrup.
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lighting, increasing ventilation system efficiency, insulating buildings, and providing more
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as a centre of learning and culture, had but 820 inhabitants when Brashear per-
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x), dilute hydrocyanic acid (gtt. ij in hot water), or the follow-
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