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heavier and two inches taller than the poor Gentile at

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the biceps tendon reflexes were greatly exaggerated and

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not diminish and about Christmas finding that he had two decayed

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the parietal bone at right angles to the sagittal suture but less

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transposition is located in the abdominal cavity it will

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middle life the age of a patient is a partial guide as

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closely related to the centre for the sense of smell.

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bath with slightly cooler ablutions can be safely recommended. Cold

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work of such investigators as Haberlandt Noll Czapek Newcombe

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level and cannot be due to insufficient oxygen supply to the lungs.

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nicely healed and without the mass of scar tissue seen in the

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prognosis is liable to a certain limitation. Meantime the danger

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in the skin from a nsevus irritated as in the case described. These

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morning mounting guard over a large rat he had killed.

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supplied and is digested the brain rapidly recovers its normal functions.

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usually used in order that different dilutions may be made. In

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sults have proved extremely favorable before 1895 50 per cent

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In an address before the Health Society of New South

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were abscesses in 20 of these. One had diffuse suppurative

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when there is no boracic acid in solution. Anybody

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ing. The mucosae become yellow and the urine red and albu

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symptoms being yrexia rigors pains in the occi ital region and in the

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intercurrent disease. The influence of acute and usually infectious dis

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Operation V 4 01. Combined abdominal and vaginal hyster

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with diarrhoea for two or three weeks previous to the cholera symptoms. The

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inastoi l bone grew profuse colonies of streptococci.

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awkwardness in passing the probang and attempts on the animal s part

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it well with warm water twice a day and apply the white lotion

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pass examinations in English arithmetic history and geography

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inward and backward to open on the under surface of the sphe

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against exhausting the aortic reflex of contraction

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sometimes seen in hysteric persons of piercing their flesh with numerous

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of ravine in which indications of weakness had been pre

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science which meant a complete overthrow of the followers

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tives. It is my belief that the periodic changes in a country s

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though the patient s life was spared he lost his leg. Hey

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spirit. During the day it is desirable to apply cocoa butler creme

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soluble in an excess of albumin so that the too liberal appHcation of

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nicely healed and without the mass of scar tissue seen in the

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exposing themselves to yellow fever when it existed

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Bright s disease but in other maladies still there can be

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of interstitial tissue. The cord is flattened anteroposteriorly and ultimately

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lice as soon as the case in question has been diag

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draw it in and sometimes stamping with the hind legs you may

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have a more or less continuous course varied by such exacerbations.

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matization of fishes the work of the United States Bureau of Fish

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have passed there is nothing left but removal. Removal is not done in

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depended on the condition of each case to expand and

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the neuroglia. Amyloid corpuscles are also found. The

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opening into the mastoid vvas made and the patient recovered.

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through heredity. And from the standpoint of genetic psychology

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published 2803 cases of scurvy are reported as occurring in an army

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completely filled the blood vessel. This occurred in a

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by flatulence meteorism etc. The want of the antiseptic

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The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital for the Insane

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eating would on that account be very common. Indeed I hope to be

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originating with the medical profession themselves and

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twice a week. The muscles effected should be rubbed by the hands twice

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suffer by the absence of those professional journals and I beg

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place them for six hours in a two per cent. solution of

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bluish inodorous having a very acrid alkaline taste. Specific

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addition of some nitrate or carbonate of potassium will

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probable but Hewitt states that it has yet to be demon

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the suppression of the discharge from the ear the re

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medicine for pathology gathers under her wings all the specialties

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ing the middle of the stirrup. The bridle is still more inconve

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surrounding the lobule. If. Rounded mass of epithelial cells formed by the

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Thus different varieties of spirochetes alone have been introduced into

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to attract flies to poisoned baits or to keep them from laying their

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produce the same amount of activity in the paralyzed eye tlian it

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half well again doctor said a Catholic priest to me one day

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In the first place the pathogenesis of thiy disease

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in the pneumonia caused by the influenza bacillus than in the streptococcal