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ing, which continued for an hour, it afterwards fell into a

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dark-red color; slight fibrinous peritonitis. The mucous membrane of

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cystic tumour of uterus, 253 ; injury of base of brain,

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the House of Commons by the Government of the day, that the

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on matters of interest to the profession. If you have a case

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attention is usually called first to a difficulty in

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as a second hint, to think just as much oi gastric ulcer

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occupied by tubercular deposit. The course of this malady is sIoav,

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of sebaceous tissue. I saw a case to-day in a child, aged (5, which was

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and some heat ; now and then the skin over the enlargement

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sary may be removed along the upper horizontal surface.

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Chlorodyne of uniform strength, and miscible with water.

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the longitudinal to the transverse direction, d, d, d, d, are very distinct. Also the meshes

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the lanugo hairs. The whole body may be affected with this form of

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Case I. — S. W. H., male, aged thirty-eight, came under ob-

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pansporoblast. The nucleus of the pansporoblast divides repeatedly, after

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national scale would be bought, and bought dearly, at the

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ance of accessory causes which lead to the development of the disease by

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taken every pains to elucidate his subject, using illustrations

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room and anesthetized without fear. If anyone desired to operate

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The subject of this history is a Mrs. Holmes of this place, aged twenty-

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diffusion of the tidal with the residual air ; the uniform

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examples of the spontaneous disappearance of abscesses, a by no

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A, w 7 hich has a capacity of 3 c.c. and is graduated in cubic centimeters.

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ing the night. Death took place, just 72 hours from attack.

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suitable cases. He was thankful to Dr. Thomson for bringing

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point. Dr. G. C. Freeborn, also of this city, contributes

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the difference in the range of the periods is to be ascribed to the

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struck both of these remarkable men. Dr Johnson thought the