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I was told. I’ll bet he did cut stupidity off at the
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An examination of the figures in Table 1 reveals the fact that the
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south wind, then the north-northeast, nest again the southeast, or sirocco, and
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and the willingness of all members to give of their
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— Dr. Fell also read a paper on this subject. The author made
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being more palatable and refreshing than if served direct from the can.
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ventricle. In this way they lead to intensification of the pulmonic second
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remains for a short time in the flank, as if the rumen were filled
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functional remnants or not. The remnants maybe but fibrous tissue,
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from the Committee on Hygiene on matters near to the
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systems must take cognisance of the fact that, although
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Chicago, 111., for examination by the board. Upon the completion
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with the diagnosis of caruncles of the urethra. Va-
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It is a further question whether the specific disease
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Koch, as well as Grassi, takes the ground that malarial organism exist-
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avert it. It was not claimed that the tendency to re-
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for, whooping-cough. Hirsch [4] states that in 495 epidemics of
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of his laryngological career, might find it very difficult to establish his
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to Grassi saying that some of his compatriots should also
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been dizzy. On the morning of June 14, 1892, dizzi-
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blood and circulation alone. The treatment of the several
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])rovement." In writing on the subject he exi)resses
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mor of the left mamma. She had been cared for by sev-
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cavity. The cause of dullness upon the right side was then re-
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process, promulgated by Ricord, was long ago attacked on pathological
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tected, let me illustrate by reference to some groups of nervous
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Johannes Miiller has been firmly established by the exhaustive researches of
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simply provocative of a slight tendency to mirth or sorrow.
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Laboratory -procedure. — From the sterile flask the urine Avas trans-
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the umbilicus is laid bare, and the lips of the wound pushed up and down with
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►e. In this case carcinoma was suspected during life, since the
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kinds are most agreeable to the palate ; but the brown coarser kinds have
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by the most inveterate. He pushes the administration of the
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Polis (A.) Sur io traitement des fractures du f6mur.
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this movement of the first brain adopts it as one- of its
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Under the second, hemorrhage, he believes that this could occur
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oases of suspected disorder, or displacement of the uterus ? Taking
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does not readily penetrate into the stomach of a body which has been thrown
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10. The early involvement of the nasopharynx and the larynx, result-
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I cannot doubt that I have seen cases in which life was saved by their
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been in labour about four hours ; the os fully dilated ;
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tary confinement, and it might be rendered still more effective
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specialists. Some few weeks ago, a lady consulted me on
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lation of the blood through the kidneys, modify diur-
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affect very decidedly the worker's energy. Collis and Green-
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issue the journal monthly has been highly successful.