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true erysipelas. The so-called cases of facial erysi|>elas from
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years of age there were 1269 victims, and < thus, three-fourths perish before reaching
metronidazole (flagyl) or tinidazole (tindamax)
tated ointment, with or without a little coal tar, applied on lint. The
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were the costly sacrifice, and yet not all the sacrifice, by which the fever
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[the percentage of deaths claimed by Macdonald] " to 69.3,
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a cosmetic standpoint. Killian has recognized that the cure of chronic
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been no outbreak of scarlet which could not be more probabh-
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tion is completed. If there is much hypertrophied skin I remove a portion of it,
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ulceration of Peyer's patches and highly fatty kidneys.
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mide and 2 mg per kg per day of prednisone or a soluble
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I have lately been interested in a nice point of observation connected
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lemon \ oz., strong water of ammonia 4 oz.; stop the bottle
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sutures on each side of the middle line were put in and tied and left
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Pain is practically a constant symptom. It is only in cases in which
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fascia, wo at once separated it from the contractions of tendons.
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the dunghills and laystalls, the refuse of hospitals, slaughterhouses, and manufactures."
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chiefly prevalent in Rangoon, Calcutta, Berhampore, Patna,
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tate and pbenylhydrazin hydrochlorid, one-half inch of each