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partially resected, irradiated, low-grade astrocytomas has

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tion of the lymphatic glands, supraclavicular, and infra-

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sponding vocal cord, while the right approximated the

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multiplanar capability, resulting in precise anatomic lo-

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Hurley {Med. Record, New York, October 18, 1919, xcvi, No. 16,

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gical rarities of which Doctor Emory Lanphear is the proud owner. The

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; Edinb. M. &. S. J., 1848, Ixx, 371-407. Also, Reprint.

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JJoui)le optic neuritis and left liemianopsia. Ojx^ration (Sir V. Hoi-sley) four

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the retention of bran being that its removal entails the loss of —

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thrombosis of some extent below an injured vessel must have

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times beneficial. Frederick Clossius recommended highly

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C. Barrie Cook, MD; Eloise C. Haun, MD; Walter Lawrence, Jr., MD;

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have nothing in them which is >iul generis. Those whicli respect

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we may look upon the ventricle as a triangular board to

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more frequently than those in which it is rarely or never seen. He^

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xiphoid cartilage, and allowing the current to pass without regard to the

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Georqe M. Gould, M.D., Editor Scientific Articles, Clinical Memoranda, News Items, etc, of interest to the profession are solicited

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tion that we know anything about has had a lot of cures

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whose names I have quoted. This leads us, you perceive, to

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ut ft. sol. : tinctura? hyoscyami, q. s. ad f 5 ij. .M.

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Manufactured in U. S. A. and furnished in one, four and eight ounce bottles. Information and