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suppose : that, in some cases, syphilis is the cause of arterial
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isted for some time over the seat of the tumors, and in
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which contains much useful material relating to urinary function.
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Uef. AiMnnuity of $1000, for five yeiirs, was granted for
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stiff plain rubber, with or without a gag, is inserted ; a towel is firmly
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alkali of the saliva has been neutralized by the acid of the
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of sight, and considerable headache, you can, with a
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sent for one morning to see a young gentleman whose
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It is but natural that the subtle and malign influences
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fever. In the great majority of instances, it puts on among us the
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the urine, I have been led to prefer it for testing purposes. Its
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support of nature or the vital force, and should consist
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attempts being made to separate the cervix from the posterior vaginal
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and that she had to be given every possible chance to live.
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Some months since, when the chair of Materia Medica and
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necessarily its discrimination, has lain at the root of all recent
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, Dr. W. L. Sutton; of Georgetown, Ky.-^On epidemics of Tennessee and Kentucky.
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scientific shape. 3rd. That Medical men should acquire
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theirs. We must look for the chief symptoms of insanity in either perver-
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Is a favorite French anti-syphilitic remedy, and has
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active in the alumni association, how regardful of medical
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lish any connection between tlie disease and the drinking water. The
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moniated embrocations and liniments. Epispastics may be directed at
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cyst which lies in contact with the abdominal wall. Should the cyst
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Rathmell's case. The enlarged tongue made articulation difficult. The
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J., Denver, 1898, iv, 435 - 441. — Fnster (A.) Sobre
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(which he notes is increasing in the last four years), the patient
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their way to Mecca, where it soon afterward broke out and caused the
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best drink, especially for the gouty. It has been claimed
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covered by the patient. We recall one case of this kind in par-
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one or more of its tendinous cords. Mitral incompetence, produced in
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the recruitment of both cardiac transplant recipients and
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neuritis, except that the sensory symptoms are almost altogether wanting,