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Complications. — The cirrhotic subject is peculiarly susceptible to

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pin at the position of the posterior silver nitrate

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calcanean articular surfaces, and not with the calcaneo-cuboid. The

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This condition continued twenty months, during which the degree of the hemian-

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two thirds of their original size with full relief of symptoms,

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the organ, will occasionally prove the efficient cause of dropsy, even admitting the necessity

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ham Lent Assizes of 1856, the evidence of a lunatic was received on a trial for

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of indigestion and constipation; (2) those against toxins other than those of the diph-

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about by the employment oi intra-uterine irrigations, during which the

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up on the femoral artery for about fifteen minutes,,

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herpes collaris, *■' propter acrem tincturam qua lineum ipforum

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rectomy was performed. The patient made an unevent-

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experiments were performed some years ago, and since then I

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some to the purest system of diet may, at fir^it, result in defective digestict ;

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were not given such unbounded authority, without opportunity

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plained of pain in the foot, and stiffness of the jaws. The wound has never discharged

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American Cllmatological and Clinical Association, 136;

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of the tree. It is stimulant and diaphoretic, diuretic and

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and ignorance, I expect to extract some equalling, if not surpassing, in elegance

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seat of aneurism. There were besides intermeningeal

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as is at all necessary; yet four out of five tracks healed up readily, and

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vous disease. Genius, he averred, never accomplished

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vomiting is also an aid, at this is one of the most constant symptoms.

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elty to him. If he will consider the advanced pathological studies that have

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ovary, tubes, and/or ovary and tube, ruptured ectopic

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the true rationale, and thus hydrotherapy comes into


least two months in advance to Continuing Medical Education,

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out, thereby gi^'ing more ground for a diagnosis of "pseudo-croup,"

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