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Some years ago I examined, post mortem, the rectum in

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the two principal diseases for which veratrum viride is now recom-

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some benefit. — American Medical Journal^ January, 18Y2.

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over, pain and tenderness are, for a time at least, present in a greater or

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The bacilli do not stain uniformly. Certain oval bodies,

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The dose was then increased to about gr.irV daily, no

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were on the average more numerous on the plates from the cases of early

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ington (jFournal of the American Medical Association,

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in May, 1801, where his parents had long previously

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Tranlaa. N° 424, and the fcquel, vol. 49th, for 1755.

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form attacks (^ which are not peculiar to disseminated sclerosis, but occur

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time I dispatched one of my assistant surgeons, upon whom I could

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out, must give the minimum or diastolic pressure ; for experimental proof

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thing" in the body of the animal is secreted by the cells of the ani-

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Smoke-free kids at state Capitol, Dr Roberts meets:4-

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sinus from which branches pass inward along the tra-

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get upwards of JEol) (grudging themselves even necessary

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profession of medicine taunted with uncertainty and want of

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1. — Lomer, of Hamburg, Germany, in an article prefaced

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fiftieth of I per cent, or less, by quantitative analysis. In meningitis the amount

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the psoas abscess cavity was a long time in healing.

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stomach. Digestion is arrested, vomitings are induced, and, in

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I would present to the profession the following per-

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ago. In March of the present year the cians, Corpora Lutea is largely used to

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inal Abortion. — Dr. Simon Marx presented the uterus

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A CASE resulting in a gratifying and complete reunion

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immediately following the Saturday Business Session, the

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the opinion that the terms ''atrophic" and "hj'pertrophic" are scarcely

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patella at the end of the second week; at the end of

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has refused admittance to more than thirteen hundred

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Williamstown ; Clarkson T, Collins, Great Bari'ington ; Clifford C.

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quantity of decomposed membrane. The temperature went

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pain in an atypical position. Within an iiour after

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coagulum formed in the tubes heated to 90 and ioo° C. The watery autolysate

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to produce very violent vomiting and purging, which, in fact, is

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clothing, by avoidance of exposure to inclement weather, dust, and the \itiated

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made with the virus of the disease in this country.

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1889 and 1890 by Hanser V), Vblckers C% and Klein (i^)-