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scope while a great diagnostic aid is not infallible in its

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fession and many of the larger establishments whose

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held in place by a roller bandage fresh from the oven.

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in the brown stage and running through the course of the

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and I would simply overturn our institutions very gently and

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forms of lesions as seen by him amongst convicts at the Millbank

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patient in the Trendelenburg position than to operate by

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if the Lues is lodged in places covered by the cuti

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fications and no candidate who is not physically qualified

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tremities some may entirely recover while in others

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to morrer I ve got a job of weavin for Mrs. Newell.

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Case VIH. This patient is a physician and in active practice. I wrote

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inches below the costal cartilages which yielded quite

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Postoperative Complications. Fistula. This is not unusual and is of

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made one point of importance in connection with the rectal insuffla

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inaccuracy incompleteness. It is not just to the towns making full reports

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dominal walls a tension that may be limited to the side of the

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tistics Dr. Macewen presented at the recent meeting of the

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was voted that members of the Association might append to

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is swallowed. Sometimes a portion of this exudate is retained

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favorably after running a severe course. On the th the child seemed

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several important points regarding the preparation of the patient for

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It is not intended in this paper to speak of the merits

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badly. Many perhaps a majority of cases of mitral stenosis do not have

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the earlier years of the course the students are still immature

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lums. It is there called acute mania hallucinatory mania

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Board of Trinity College who apjiroved it and gave me instructions to

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Slings. For large quadrupeds with broken Hmbs sling

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the property of secreting the fluid as the colored tests suffi

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awakened by a severe and distressing palpitation in the epigastrium with great

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hardened with corrosive sublimate or with some fluid containing osmic

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of Natural Sciences and two years later was placed upon the

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hot iron and are very successful. Other forms of operation are to

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treatment of intestinal obstruction were practised by the

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