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unless the Baeilhis tuherculosls is greatly modified in its pas-

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by inunction and intravenous injections. For inunctions he uses

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slight pressure with the finger leaves a white mark, which slowly

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to be drawn from his statements is, that tlie niMJority of experi-

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Archives G^nerales de Medecine. Octobre. Novembre, Dec, 1874.

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I desire merely to draw attention to the great impor-

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by the air, how is it that the diseases travel sometimes against

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years before. Wassermann reaction weakly positive. Married 18 years. There

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answer the purpose for which they are intended. But some are of

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feature in the life-history of congenital syphilis, it is the erratic

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case a physical examination by inspection, palpation, per-

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cedema a previous infection (rheumatism, influenza,

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Secretion. Allg. med. Centr.-Ztg., Beil., 1895, Ixiv, 85-87.—

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plaining the process of occurrence. One of the most in-

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the deepening asphyxia renders the patient less and

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Society, may be accused in some degree as being itself a relic of

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tumor. Fetterolf and Landis have demonstrated that the fluid comes from the

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In the cat I have invariably found them of a very bright yellow. In the hare I

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held, but ntiust be given with circumspection. Finally, as much depends, in

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inhabitants of malarious regions. Many of these precautions taken

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third variety of "Gitterzellen," known as "Gitterzel-

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This operation had best be left to the veterinarian, when-

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of atmospheric air. On the other hand, I know of no observations which

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reverse, and, therefore, the recommendation had not been

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and is followed by a more vigorous uterine contraction. In after-pain