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treated by a dentist seen in the emergency and he drained away a consider-

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two years, but in half these cases the rays showed the existence of tracheo-

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which very rarely appears before 45 and generally does not develop till 50

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France, where there were 42-6 deaths per thousand cases as compared with

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past month. Working steadily to date. (Experiment conducted

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and other mechanical work here referred to is well known to

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advantage of the healing art. How far physiological experi-

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ment of fine, gray tubercles, that average one to two millimeters

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Proteins are removed by the use of trichloracetic acid. The results are

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Baehr and Lande emphasize the frequency of diffuse glomerulo-

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disease. As far as pulmonary tuberculosis is concerned, Klemperer has

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value of the satellite (or symbiosis) phenomenon for the classification of

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carried out at Jefferson Medical College, is issued by Strickler, Munson, and

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the angle, close to the spines, extending to the posterior axillary line and

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which are relieved b}' the ingestion of food, and also by soda bicarbonate.

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The arbitrary rule of twenty-one days in bed and twenty-one

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or more attacks, but not in all, 6 (22.2 per cent.). Afebrile

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healthy kidneys were injected with guanosin and with adenosin. In four

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Within the limits of a short review we can refer only to one or two

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is done in two parts, the different diameters of the pelvis being contained in

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lethal dose, which remains the same in both cases. But guinea-pigs

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was not so often directly fatal as might have been anticipated."

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action of therapeutic irradiation doses upon the blood and haemopoietic

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ness, and without any sign suggesting a peripheral pulmonary infarct.

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vital organs, more notably the central nervous and vascular

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of these instances were cancer, with apparently secondary invasion

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Cardiac Symptoms, These can be classed in two groups. We

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slightly thickened. In some cases — gelatinous type — the exudate is rough

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wa.s (K) per cent.; leukocytes, 13,000; polymorphonuclears, 65 per cent.

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A description is given of a refined method of estimating pepsin by the

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who, although there was no very good history of the disease in the family,

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that it is three or four weeks, and von Torday states that two children who

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angina pectoris associated with Raynaud's disease in a man aged 33. The