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be established as soon as possible to preclude and mini-

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At a meeting of the Guardians, the following uncomplimen-

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that in the early stages pulmonary tubercu- germs. These tuberculosis droplets are at

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This measure, together with the tying of the hands of

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thing that the doctor has not said, that he is very much

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Factors In the Production of Peritonitis." It was discussed by

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iia (openiug .of mastoid, craniotoiuy, death, autopsy, abscesses iu

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nent except in advanced stages or when superficially located to ena-

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cord were placed in formalin solution and preserved for further examina-

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womb in its chronic form, and that my words were " infl:imma-

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ninth century Abbot Bertharius wrote two books on the

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This fact is the widespread and profoundly intimate

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tuberculeuse. Gaz. d. hop.. Par., 1893, Ixvi, 501-510.—

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fissures, running in various directions, sometimes extending to the

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of a pint, and a half in twenty-four hours. Color almost black, with

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examples of hypertroiihied scars and of keloidal growths. Certain

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tever matters affecting by possibility the lives of

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have them removed, unless the parents object; in which

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ornithin and urea. Preparations were made by both the ammo-

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close to the canal. Cases of remittent fever, he states, were observed here and

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masses simulating staphylococcus. Mice inoculated succumbed in a

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insisted on for these patients on their return home, they

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complication which, as it were, engrafts itself on many

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that light in decomposing the visual purple gives rise to nerve

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the surgeon in time we should have less deaths from operative interference.

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time, and thought, and work, had yielded, or would yield, to a

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to u claim the liberty of publishing in full the formulse of any prepa-

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