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straw-colored fluid which had run from the ear during the night.
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Fig. 342fi .—Case X. Fields 3 months after operation. Acuity: Left 15/30; right 15/20. Photophobia haa
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excretion of the urine was re-established, and rapid recovery followed.
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theory will, the writer believes, clear up the difficulty: The cutaneous
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given to the patient afterward to insure a prolonged period of rest
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" There is no point in Forensic Medicine on 'which so riiuch perplexity
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In the state of deepest coma the limbs lie completely flaceid, so that
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trated with large lithographic plates containing one hundred and fifty-nine flgnnt tnm
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former. Consequently the more solid growth there is at the margin
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" pus substance, producing towards it an increased afflux of blood, the
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