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termittent fever, influenza, remittent fever, rheumatism,
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the peritoneum thickened; peritoneum, intestines, uterus, and
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general condition, suffering from no subjective symp-
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in which he carries out this treatment is to puncture
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of the erectile tissue more easily under the excitement
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either with banked bone or autologous iliac crest bone. The
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These figures, collected for me by Dr. Bulstrode, do not
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the number of cases becoming suddenly grave, called
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framework, and forming a considerable portion of the
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Feb. 6ih. Much pain in the loins, with haeraaturia. — To be cupped
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Quarantine and Sanitary Operations of the Board of Health
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the board appointed to study the matter of tropical
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Figs. 179-182. — From the rectum about three and a half days.
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to render his horse's labour as little irksome, and as com-
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uterine contents. The facts, however, are too strong for him, and
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^ bilious pneumonia," are more frequent at certain times, and ocour
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adults where I could not watch them closely at this
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in which after direct extraction of the urine with ether only a faint
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at the root of the lungs, at the bifurcation of the trachea, and in the
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slowed, and sometimes unchanged, most frequently it was
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WirrrE, It. II., Assistant Surgeon. — Kelieved from duty
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the stages of labor and of the pregnant condition. The manikin has
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for the death could be discovered at the autopsy unless it were
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labor during the evening of November 9, 1893, and was attended by
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any stage of the disease, and hence the conscientious physician cannot afford
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Editors and Publishers Southern California Practitioner,
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the experimental production of combined arsenical and alcohol
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confessed Ave are as yet very much in the dark. Several explanations
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ernment to define beer as a liquid brewed exclusively
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discovery of printing — ^the systems rapidly increased, and they
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with it descent occurred and the forehead itself came lower in the pelvis.
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of the Liver and Portal Vein, with a Chapter relat-
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and render them incapable of performing their functions. If, then,
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were discharged cured or relieved, but at he end of an
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XII. Conclusions. 1. The most prominent symptoms asso-
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gelbem Fieber Verstorlienei'. Allg. med. Centr. -Ztg.,
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same wort and lay (it) thereon ; then the body will
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tion as follows: At birth the arch normally exists ; at
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(G. G.) K voprosu o rezektsii loktya pri ziistarlelom vivi-
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membrance, and record it among those of her worthy sons who have