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His red cells were 5,400,000; hemoglobin, 90 per cent.; leukocytes, 10,500;
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authors' words : ' They represent a type of diet in which a small variation
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the entire lymph structure, or only the central or several irregular
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Fagge, when he says: "According to Liebermeister, hemorrhages
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are not very different in value. The proportion of the two sub-
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sumption of a restricted vegetable diet has produced pellagrous symptoms
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Hupp, A. Postoperative Thrombose und Lungenembolie. Arch. f. klin. CMr.,
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Zaleski. Urobilin not Identical with an Oxidation Product of HemopyroUe;
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"When thi' K-1' ratio departs from the normal of ] and a|)pr()xiniates ],
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Whereas this has not been proved experimentally, yet we are
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gravity definitely only in those patients dying of uremia. In those
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The remaining five cases are those of IMercy and Guillemot
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leukocytes, 3500; the leukocytic fornuila: polynuclears, 63 ])or cent.; poly-
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attended by severe cough and debility, which soon yields to
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the tissues hold to their NaCl closely, and that the first loss of this salt
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panied with the Secretion of Albuminous Urine, Guy's Hospital Reports, 1836, i, 400.
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a beginning diffuse sclerosis and marked eosinophilic infiltration.
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autopsy five proved not to be pernicious anaemia. Four out of 46 cases
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Dr. Solomon Solis Cohen: I do not think that Dr. Christian would
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vein presented no obvious advantage over the ordinary injection into the
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were used. As the result of these procedures, rapid changes in
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stricture of the esophagus that admit of the use of any dilating
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condition, but complaining of "thumping of the heart." The liver edge
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and excludes the fractures of the pelvis which cross the acetabulum while