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a stimulant, it becomes, when taken in large amounts

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that he seems to be speaking in a language of his own. On carefully

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and Fish-poisoning in China," in the Chinese Recordtr

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over the various railroads, and has found that treatment (pursued with the happiest effects

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648.— Wciner ( Marie B. ) Operation for abdominal fis-

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way be spread over the whole surface of the retina, and even over the optic

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Cerofort Elixir — raise milk, cereal, and vegetable pro-

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knee-joint under the carbolized spray of Lister, assisted by Drs. Lewis

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indications for arterial suture are: 1. In all cases of injury

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rough and irregular on the surface. 3rd. They are localized to one part

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Considering the very severe symptoms, and often the rapidly

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venous gush which always occurs at this time; being too weak to expel same

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continue : pulse, 100. I made a careful examination of the abdomen, which

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hay-fever could in no way be considered a nervous coryza.

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Epileptiform seizures may occur in the course of multiple sclerosis, paresis^

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Dr. S. R. Miller: I have been interested in this condition a number

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reveal small, gray nodules embedded in this exudate, and arranged

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The mode of invasion of tJto cpitJiolium by bacteria manifesting

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day the patient had severe muscular pains all over.

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ble part of the population of Paris for several centuries. The

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and Mr. Wliite had admirably summarized in tlie table contained in tlie

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to the patient's comfort might still be used. He had seen the

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parations of iodine have been thought by many to be useful in cases of

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were observed symptoms of infiltration in the scar. Then Dr.

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own of conducting the establishment is proposed. As an

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be combined with tonics. Iodide of potassium alone has an unfavourable

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All three cities have two water-supplies, a river without

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honest difference of opinion. The profession at large

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early stage does not exclude the disease. It is often needful to make repeated

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3 Therapeutics of Infectious Conjunctivitis. Dudley S.

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ternally, as well as tincture of iodine ; also tincture of iodine

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How to relieve women of the great suffering incident to

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of the pelvis is, or is not less than three inches, and as a matter of fact,

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lar swelling; last, but perhaps not least, was the evidence of the

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bute the anatomical changes which take place sometimes in this

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of one whose vessels and vaso-motor system were deranged

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indicate the presence of a chronic inflammatory process in the

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symptoms characteristic of i)ertussis. No treatment.