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the disease. Parry relates two remarkable cases in which relapsing fever

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of adrenalin given in association with anaesthetics.

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North Carolina Health Officers' Association will come to order.

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short intervals of rest. Each fit of coughing brought up more

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altered ; and then one of its most marked peculiarities is a tendency to

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6i There is a remarkable odour/' he says, " arising from per-

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Chorea is never ai^ute. It is always preceded by some noticeable

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country I have heard the other spoken of in a most disparaging

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nuity of soft parts, repair is effected by the organization of a

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the migration of bacteria through this area of lowered resistance

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given by the conductor was the first one ever given on educa-'

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lesion, with excision of the portion of the vessel between the ligatures.

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of the tumour gave exit to a large quantity of sero-purulent fluid, with hydatid

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filaments formed by omentum. The fundus of the sac was united

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lated organs is considered, while in the second their general action is

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more likely to attack young subjects than is malignant disease. But

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Now, if the exposure were continued sufficiently long,

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small doses, if frequent, will maintain the presence

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funis be very cold and discoloured, or other decided symptoms of the child's

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It appears from the official returns that the death-rate of London for

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appearance, to a large extent, of the capillary networks of the affected

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whole course of the disease, corresponding with which the patients are

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attained. Pain and tenderness disappear first, and sensation

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Drs. O'Dwyer, Phelps, Northrup, and myself, published