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the coagulation time of the normal blood when drawn up into capillary

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choroiditis which has involved the deeper layer of the cornea.

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occurred. At this point Mr. Stevens saw the patient and

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President. Advantage no doubt accrued to the society from the plan

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The finding of various members of the streptococci as having a patho

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contained two quarts of a clear straw coloured fluid

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Symptoms. Diarrhoea lasting for a day or two followed by constipa

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Charcot in the blood of leucocythaemics and by Leyden in the sputum

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after the skin Ikis been cleaned by soap and water.

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mucosce oris. There are unsymmetncal patches of various shapes whitish

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lobe but in adults a primary basic origin is exceedingly rare and

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meeting should be devoted to the affairs of the Society rather than

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formidable redoubt coimected with other forts and entrenchments.

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titioners Union would be defying the spirit of the motion

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the level of the spinal nerve in which pain is found.

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lism. Language like music is also a work of art il cannot

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The statistics of Osier are somewhat misleading unless properly interpreted.

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between the auricles and ventricles whereby it still retains its

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cells by the tumour points to a similarity in growth between the tumour

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On the 30th the size of the first drain was diminished.

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