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Our composite nature is made up chiefly of two elements — the
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for some years physician to the Royal Hospital for Women
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quent iridectomy. The slighter occasional adhesions to the
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The news receotly arriving from France reppecting cholera is of I>y no -
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Treatment of Simple Endocarditis. — ^As endocarditis should never
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devoted services to the patients in the infirmary. He hail
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working well. Then the old pains in the bowels return, now with a
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times in hysteria. The emotion of fear may temporarily paralyze the
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one was infected by it, though each slept in the same room or bed with
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fecal retention for months at a time, and there is nothing which favors
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The walls are of enormous strength, and the north-west
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President of the Council: W. Withers Moore, j\I.D., F.R.C.P.,
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second crop of ptomaines, which caused the more severe and
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set himself is no easy one. Asthenopia, especially in refer-
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one patient with this complaint in private practice. In Europe,
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In T. H , the case first seen by me, we have irregular enlarge-
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anse-ithesia lasted from fifteen to twenty minutes. A drop of
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Newcastle, and the quick trains run there in about twenty
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aggravated as those of a diabetic upon a free indulgence in starches.
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Mr. Couper Crlpps [SessUe epithelioma rightl Suprapubic (June,
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measles, to both of which diseases its eruption has some resemblance.
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Ulcers in the rectum, however produced, are slow to heal. This
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vagary, since they have been ruled to be outside the definition
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With reference to hemorrhage in the crus, Osier states:
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tion of its injunctions, no appreciable diminution of this evil
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the head. The history of a severe fall, it may be years before, is always
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Should more milk be given by mouth, merely enough to preser\-e the
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my mind, the recession being extremely well marked and the
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the cliorda tympani had been involved by the growth in the
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Prague coming next with 1,016; the German Faculty of the
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all the symptoms of spastic paralysis. In its course. its symptoms