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feet, hands, and hair. This use is perhaps less the result of coquetry,

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surfaces upon the soft palate, the pharynx, and the larynx, and is es-

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399-407.— Smith (G. A.) Fractureof both femursinutero;

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by luiiij: puncture B. typhosus and a coccus from a bronchopneu-

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Trephining for epilepsy ; traumatic ascending neuritis and

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In addition to the value of rhinoscopy as an aid to

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While the environment of certain occupations is a factor in producing

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showed discolored skin, tottering gait, and blood-stained urine. He died

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From Apoplexy. — The breathing is slow and noisy, pulse

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c'lal tissue, of which the stricture is formed ; which re-

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in its origin, the history of known contact with a leper, or of residence

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nature a chance to defend herself by anatomic and physiologic rest.

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may occur in consequence of the great swelling of the oral and

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symptoms to pressure upon the inhibitory parvagum as it

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Academy of Medicine by the present authors on October

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such cases be flavored to suit the patient's taste. There is a

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' This is brought out very clearly in Mollet's La Medecine chez Us Grecs avant

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