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This patient demonstrates the value of intensive treatment
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may follow. The distance also between the posterior superior
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vacuum in the pericardium during inspiration, there is, during
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were responsible for no scandal or moral contagion.
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with different stains, and we found polynuclear leucocytes with clearly stained nuclei,
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physiology and management of the puerperal state ; Part
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infants under the age of three months, found an abundance of uric acid
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natural a fortnight after delivery. The urine is acid, specific gravity 1026,
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President— \}\ Lewis H. Steiner, of ]Marylaud ; Vice-
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horse j 2 drachms Jailed a dog, and £ dr. a rabbit. M. Moi-
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cc. maybe given in the twenty-four hours. Of all carbohydrates Isevulose is
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Trinitrophenol (Picric Acid). Light yellow scales. Used chiefly
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mean that fat granules are saponified, cells are rendered more translu-
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of the entire ureter and of the urinary bladder around
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for discussion. They would, therefore, in accordance
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a parched mouth, and dry skin ; he becomes aneemic, sallow, emaciated,
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Honest and earnest in his search after truth, he was always
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wasusedforanKstheticpurposes "either in Feb- children was 20 per cent.; and by leaving
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Vaughn of Ann Arbor has split the bacterial body into toxic
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Demonstrator of Anatomy and Stirgery, University of Louisville.
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The presence of gas overlying the pus reservoir and crowding
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The Council on Scientific Affairs of the California Medical Association presents the following epitomes of progress
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the silvery lustre which it previously possessed, and becomes darker. Ossi-
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grave symptoms is usually sudden. Dr. Wilson Fox col-
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the kidney suggest, by analogy, a vaso-motor explana-
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it in any way with pleasure and assthetics. It is with the
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limb on the opposite side may be alone affected. Trousseau has olisenrcd
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properly fixed and stained are studied the task is not a difficult one.
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should be not only to supply the deficiency, but to stimulate
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genitive glycyrrhiz-ce, of licorice ; radix, genitive radic-is, of
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lobular pneumonitis^ signifying the lobular dissemination of the inflammation,
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the disc was indistinct, its central part injected, and the retinal
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M. Bouchardat remarks, that amongst the preparations of iodine
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ists, it should, of course, be incised. The dilatation of the vagina
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incomplete; they have been therefore omitted, and new ones
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PiBBix, F.R.S.E., Professor of Surgery in the University of Aberdeen;
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own containei'. The udders, which are abnormally large, often touch
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rapidity with which the cachexia develops, but is evident, too, in
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pain in the umbilical region, but none in the lumbar ; the dis-
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Apr. 1—5: 44th Annual Session of American College of
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alms-houses. As this is a question, the settlement of
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lieading of elephantiasis, a term which, of course, serves to call