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ago appointed a commi ision consisting of Professor Angelo

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Urography in Evaluation of the Surgical Patient. Surg Oncol 10 59 65

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The thrombotic process begins in the veins of the pelvis or at times

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dissolving the salt in boiled and cooled distilled water

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Ratier F. S. Formulaire Pratique des Hopitaux civiles de Paris 12mo

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caused thereby. Antacids should therefore be prescribed in combina

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most prominent at lower end of the zygomatic ridge.

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of the wounded in war has been entirely modified by the

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health and the pigmentation came on after exposure to severe weather

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Anatomy and Physiology University of Paris Sorbonne since 1889 Director

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On I ray IStli 1921 I was asked by Mr. Potts ophthalmic

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tain citric acid malic acid sugar vegetable jelly gum and extractive

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DOSE AND MODE OF ADMINISTRATION. The employment of arsenic

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and they do good work and as they fight their so called duels

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to collect the reports of four hundred and nineteen cases of which

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The beneficial remedies are those that aid in diges

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tinues to act for years. In this connection a study of terminal

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The consensus of opinion is that water is about as dangerous in cold

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by us. For instance Bartholin describes by the name of

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referring to the literature of this subject and to the

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J. Mackenzie and Sajous tend to minimize the importance of the

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will be required before being admitted to re examination to produce a Certificate

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Of course we formed the acquaintance of Lamb and McLain asked a druggist

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and die unless a change in diet affords tliQm relief. This

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paper on symmetrical disease 1842 John Snow 1813 58 of

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men. Their recommendalionswere based upon the results of experiments