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rovaocination liad siu-rt^ptlod. The prcat bulk «f thopo cases were of

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have been partially emptied, and the abdominal mus-

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The following communication I am indebted for to the

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9 Vol. vii. p. 573, " Observations on Defects of Sight in Diseases of the Nervous

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there is no hospital within reasonable distance of the work the

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convulsions of the whole body, neither very rapid nor forcible,

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^I. IL, aged sixteen years, single, was committed to the Re-

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ter exceeds in amount a couple of degrees, the movement

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ous parts of the larynx, subacute laryngeal catarrh, and general tuber-

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Drainage, with Subsequent Conception. By Dr. Robert A.

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be effective, should be ]>ossessed of good tonicity, and

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which were very intense from the beginning. Thes&

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but his abdomen was not rigid. His temperature was 100-4°

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marked constitutional syphilis, or having a strong consumptive taint, or

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is the only child she has been able to retain for such a length of time.

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the arm, the patient endeavouring to prevent this, and struggling against the

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tigators, scientists, men of learning, but skilful practitioners.

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in but one case, in which both organisms were obtained. Busquet

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toxins, as chloroform, atropine, nitrite of amyl, and

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culty. The swelling may be so great as to shut off the circulation

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very often diagnosticated and treated as rheumatism. These pains

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to 12 H. In the other cases 15 H to 52 H were employed.

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Under the competent direction of Dr. C. C. Fordham, III, the Admissions

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sufficient of the cartilage to form a deep wide acetabulum.

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diameter one and a half inches, its weight fifteen drachms, was sent to

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ditis, these little corpuscles are found associated

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Reports o°" the Malarial Committee of the Royal Society, 1899.

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in cancer in the period under consideration is mainly to be found. Steam

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uterus;" a finger is next to be hooked into the os uteri, which

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successes, culminating in a new modern system. This flour-

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fuming liquid which should be kept in glass-stoppered bottles.

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iu and out, among the fascia and muscles, and gradu-

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law has just come into effect, and the first effect in the city

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obstruction from a tumor it was decided to explore this mass, which

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For March 1.SG7.— -The Regeneration of Bone by Periosteum.

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fested, in some cases, by wild, excited talking, the mind passing rapidly

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be expected in isolated communities when infection is introduced.

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defying all extremes of temperature, and assailing promiscuously all