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On the other hand there are a few workers who, in their anxiety to
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Edward G. Parkku, assistant surgeon, appointed January
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guilds, that of the Barbers was in active operation prior to 145 1. In that year
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Koto, Sixth Biennial Report of the Veterinary Surgeon of the State of
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may be nausea and even vomiting and cyanosis. It is also progressive :
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below 105° if possible ; the liberal, but not prodigal em-
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Beports relating to the Sanitary Condition of the Strand
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I. On Intraocular Haemorrhage eonMcuUve io BaBtraetion of CataraeL By Mr. W. Whiti
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TONGA LINE is an efficacious ami elegant preparation of Tonga, with powerful salicylates, and
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The clinical material from which he draws his observations were
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of sanitarians, these two points of oversight, last
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natural coarse of thediseaae was virtually uninterrupted by restrictive
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large cities (which are the habitat of most special-
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ment of the fibrillae in the axis cylinder. Many of
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cinoma and sarcoma. The percentage of success attending the
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obtain the full effect of a blister, a quantity of ointment is to be
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form on Ibis Ibread after some hoors. This preeencB of Uric acid id tbe blood
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have recently shown that phosphorus may be absorbed by charcoal. They,
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appear and break on the outside they form characteristic sinuses
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light on various conditions which will not be referred to here
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uniform standard of qualification and insisting upon
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of the peculiarly close relation of biological methods to its diagnosis
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chaser should try and make his order as plain to the
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on the human subject. Before the patients would submit, however,
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joys what you enjoy, dislikes what you dislike, and condemns what
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ing the fetid odor arising from a certain class of cases. Neither has
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Beflex, cured hy Suggestion. — Pte. W., aged 21, received a slight
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The governor of Maryland has appointed the following com-
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ant indigenous ones might not profitably be undertaken.
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the respiratory murmur either bronchial or amphoric. In the
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to fit a youth for a medical career. By the boy des-
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and in the absence of gastric carcinoma, that we had to deal with
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Harrisburg, Penn. Nov. 26th. — Winter has come upon us with great seve-
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and to which these remarks are intended as a preface,
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obtained by the action af Nascent Iodine ui)on one of the Aniline group.
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grams are the result of an analysis of the temperature
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England, is credited as his home. He has been known
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the spinal cord. It induces in that organ an excessive irritability,
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requisite: courses 7 and 9, and Organic Chemistry. Mj. or DM. Summer,