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agony and restlessness afforded by the exhibition of largish doses of lauda-
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insists that many cases develop on a gouty diathesis; others un*
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Musser. We believed the patient had a spasm at the pyloric end of the
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it contained data which authorize us in concluding that the law regu-
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tion to the differences observed in the cortex of the different
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Accordingly four representative fungi were planted upon graded con-
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known and, probably, over 200 additional and as yet
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twenty-four hours after the application of a drop of vaccinia into a
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been purified as far as was possible under the circumstances,
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intervening fever, are of frequent occurrence. The wound becomes
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mine the accurate diagnosis. This was due to the continual
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will also kill them. They will never be found alive in
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Within the last few years, a very great change has taken place in the
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| a respiratory action ensues upon any stoppage of the placental supply to the
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the middle meningeal artery. At the outset the eyes twitch toward the
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edly involve the same special cause, and they are controlled by the same
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severe urticaria. We have not seen this occur from serum unless asso-
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tumor not only filled the popliteal space, but bulged
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about the third or fourth month of pregnancy; it rarely occurs
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Charles L. Greene, M. D. [Reprinted from the Jourrial of the
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it presents a muco-purulent character. If the ostium of the sinus becomes
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genuine inflammation, and I would prefer rather to de-
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of the encephalon — Serous effusion into the lateral ventricles —
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distributed over the entire surface. Within forty-eight hours their appear-
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state of insensibility, and continued in it without speak-
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what I must call it— a mere humbug. (Laughter.) Dr. Wood
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ment or germination of morbid conditions, by instituting, as a custom, a
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or a nail, and driven it deep Into the foot, but it is the
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to follow. 1 hope that JNIurphy's button will prove
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direct control made it necessary to secure help from the Institutes. NCI