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tion expresses the view that it is this toxin that first exerts
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about one per cent of carbolic acid and after being
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I cannot but deplore that for nearly ten years he has
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best training for the hospital corps of the Navy and that this
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modic colic with paroxysms of extreme agony and sometimes the niojt
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determines in a rough way the amount of caseous tissue present the
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condition characterized by an exaggeration of physio
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tion of tersulphate of iron filtering the liquid and
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compression of the alxlominal organs it is further sup
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anteversion abortion is said to occur at an earlier
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panies rheumatic affections where the latter predominate the
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nary viscera. When suppression of urine arises from any
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some instances this initial vasoconstriction may be very marked and give
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Monthly Statement of the Bureau of Vital Statistics of New
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cious use of an analgesic preserves vitality and nervous stamina. It
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The first shewed ulceration of the colon leading to
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and is boat shaped and of a silvery white colour. A narrow scalloped
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intercourse and when once started in a susceptible community the disease
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written and the underlying object is to instruct the public sufficiently that
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forceful expirations 2 the strength of the walls of the vessels
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sutured separate. The skin was stitched with interrupted suture
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tion to the matter and pointing out that the Panel Com
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Should there be much intraarticular destruction accom
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In cases of rapidly advancing disease the tuberculo opsonic index may
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June but Mrs. Asling an apparently independent and creditable wit
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cervix uteri and endometritis. I curetted repaired the
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carried on a stick along paths which the flies frequent is advised
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A letter of 15 from Doctor W. Shippen was read. 106
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Carbonate of creosote or creosotal is highly recommended by Dr.
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men was taken from a man 36 years of age who the week
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great interest is described by Skrzecka. On cutting through the walls of the
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germicide or antitoxin in all stages of the disease regardless
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tuberculosis as the antitoxin of diphtheria is in the treatment
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this fever. It affects also the muscular fibres of the
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the war. He thought there was a good deal of reason to
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the superficial epithelial layer of the the older methods. Local anesthesia is
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form of colkision between the consultant and the general practi
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tincture of opium and fifteen minims of wine vinegar in six drachms of
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traceable as parasites in other living beings and the strong presump
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recipient of sevei al honorary degrees in this and other countries.
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patient and embarrass the treatment. If such a person is emolioual
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tions. The waist belt is of leather black with plate.
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faithful service at Mount Sinai Hospital of nineteen
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man it was not until March 1918 that any instance of this disease
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professional opinion ascribed the same role to lactic
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with an arched sole contracts laminitis and the flat one is attacked
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ease for quite in harmony with the teaching of to day 18 he
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Instead of using copper as a reduction test Knapp selected mer
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method of therapy except perhaps the roentgen ray and radium.
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may be treated by parenchymatous Lenti s study of the relative value
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seen particularly in the hip the knee the spinal column or shoulder. It
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blood however showed a gradual lowering of the index returning to
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Entered at Phila. Post OfiBce as second class matter.
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very thin and the bladder lies at its lower part unsupported
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principle has been applied to the measurement of tem
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peritoneum chronic disease of the bladder etc. Further it appears
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Recovery of strength rapidly ensues and relapses so common in
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boil. This precipitates the normal sulphates which are
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of our patients were operated upon by the abdominal
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James Nichols husband of the last witness examined by Mr. Monk
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Malted milk. The product made by combining whole milk with the
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from the thorax beneath the tissue but preventing air
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key files photographs and official catalogue in order to separate
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an Iowa team. Iowa is also proud that a sifter college in Iowa
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The dose is a tablespoonful five or six times a day.
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mentally or physically and for the nervous or hysterical. Ac
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being specialized for cure seems also a curious way of
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forming the subchloride of mercury thus Hg HgOS03 NaCl
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and cases are given in illustration of this. We have ob
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now in hopes that I will be able should she survive to
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