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doubtful cases. Aneurism is many times more frequent

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without affecting the normal ratio between the hand and foot flow

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it of its virulence. Even quite feeble disinfecting agents such

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over the water supply which in matiy areas has been

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see it. It was if I remember correctly Sattler and Graefe s

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influence so that breaking down occurs then the debris should

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a certificate authorizing the carrying on of such busi

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have worked through the classical gymnasium have also succeeded in working through

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some cases the spasm may involve the pharynx making swal

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sion making the landed proprietors responsible subject to heavy fines

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of a catheter is required for the longer it is deferred the more

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of bed and placed in the position for lithotomy so that the light

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is found in the urine in some cases. These symptoms persist sometimes

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discouragement. This complaint often succeeds inflammation and

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Position and exposure of the heart. In the horse the heart

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for which a few general remarks will suffice without

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solid and fluid. Few disorders are better controlled by wise

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ever seems to be that of nervous catarrhal gastric.

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plication of enteric fever. He could not agree with Dr. Kennedy as to

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most interesting correlation was that between PTH levels

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and lived fully up to the letter and spirit of its regulations. The

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the very small degree of mortality which attends the acute inflam

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capital cities or towns of Europe or other parts of the

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which cannot be controlled by combining it with opium

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conditions were right for the test with certain organisms was shown

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articular cartilage the heat of the inflamed part may be actu

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painful but a per cent solution of cocaine instilled upon the

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upon the later manifestations. Pain of great severity

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in five minutes Tom was dead. Death took place exactly

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placed in the anterior abdominal wall. It should therefore be easily

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