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however, be inadequate, even helpless, and their operation may add to

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disease. He received three injections of the serum (^10 each) and

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follow. I, therefore, did a complete hysterectomy — leav-

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soon as he would enter, the penis would become flaccid

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ture for reports of similar embolic occlusions of the abdominal aorta, with

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cently to appear in the text of the author. Another point very recently

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Vol. XCII. No. 5. NEW YORK, JULY 30, 191 o. Whole No. 1652.

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fortunate as to call a little house their own, would

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discoloration of the ether may be produced by other pigments, such as

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Dr. Delie reports {Reme Hebd. de Laryagologie, d'Otologie, et de Rhinologie,

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an early diagnosis of tuberculosis, yet not all are

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holding it tense, and with the fingers of the right

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of round cell infiltration indicating the presence of an in-

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is obtained. The writer well remembers the large number of chlorotic

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2. Cabot. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Jan-

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sive temperature, and evidences pointing to profound cerebral disturb-

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place. The operation consisted in an incision,' three and one-half inches

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rents of high frequency; the therapeutic value of the elec-

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liver, particularly with alcohol, had been very un-

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able to the individual, Ave are driven from the time-honored position of

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ter repeated aspirations a golden yellow fluid (con-

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and a rarified area surrounds the focus which is of

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tion should have beeii made of the administration of

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rewards which formerly were to be looked for almost exclusively in the

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regards frictions, they should not be applied in too

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the probability of the foetus being retained until full term is greater.