Antivert Pediatric Dose

ment of any of the so-called depurative remedial agents. It is claimed that
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ingly septic. Bacteria are not generally found in the urine within the
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exudation itself. l)ii)htherftic contagion clings to the objects that have
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Larynx. — The lar^-nx, as well as the bronchial tubes, is frequently the
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meclizine (antivert or bonine)
and mingled with sjjuta in haMnojitysis ; while it is vomited more or less
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also be increased in intensity by a full inspiration, for the distended lung
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or to confound a cancerous tumor at th.e pylorus with an ovarian tumor.
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On section, its substance shows a uniform red color, blood flows freely
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thelia and hyaline material, but now there are present casts which indicate
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an abscess, or symptoms like those of an abscess, follow. Should
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bitis of the ne\v-bor!i, from severe hjcal inflammation of the intes-
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I. Thus, a decomposing placenta in utero, sloughing ulcers in typhoid
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1. Constitutional "Dyscrasia. By this is meant a certain morbid con-
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expectoration, and pyrexia may be present in induration of the lung, but
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cardialgia, and chronic gastric catarrh with hcematemcsis. The diag-
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rhcea is also present in most cases of this class, but it is of a mild type and
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Just outside of the caseous centre will be found giant cells blended with a
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fixed; choke-disc may be present; later, one or more of the cranial
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cases, there may be punctuate hemorrhages, or even lacerations, at-
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relapsing fever, measles, imeumonia, acute Bright' s disease, meningitis,
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2. Thickening of the sac-wall. The sac-wall may become inflamed,
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the disease progresses they diminish ; the salts of the blood are also changed,
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Where the ends of the fingers and toes have died the part should be
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and sometimes complicates diphtheria ; and when diphtheria is j)revailing
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pubes or a median or lateral lithotomy or lithotrity. By lithotrity is
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tion may occur suddenly from syncope,' from rupture of the heart, coma,
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largement of the thyroid body is due to a dilatation of its vessels. The
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consists of external rotation, adduction, and internal rotation. External
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bling character of the rales, will enable one to recognize the condition as
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and Practice of Midwifery ;• Accidents which may precede, accom-
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the superficial layers of the epidermis scraped oif, when by means of a
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in its stead ; all vegetables, tea, coffee, starchy food and fruits must be pro-
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tions have been offered for the injury. Some operators say that extension
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there may be great thickening of bone, while in caries, there may not