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became almost entirely isolated, causing cloudiness of the medium, and
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bleeding has occurred. This is a point of great importance, as distinguishing
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This is the sixth nnnitier of volume oiie of this most excellent
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disappeared. There may be diffuse irregular patches of new fibrous tissue,
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right supra-orbital pain and hyperosmia, whereby strong odours excited
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grows fo exceffively large in fome conftitutions, and
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comma bacillus, other micro-organisms have been found to give rise to
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changes in the bowel are such as occur in catarrh of mucous membranes
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times obferved in fuch horfes, to be larger in propor-
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tuberculosis has been known for many years as one of the most common
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mucosa passing between the trigone and the posterior urethra; as the
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its cause and pathology. It is endemic, and, as far as known, absolutely
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It lies unencysted between the muscular fibres of the
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gummata in early stages, fibrosis is essentially an old or chronic lesion.
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will be placed at the disposal of the student in the most prac-
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tion as to proper footwear, method of walking and standing,
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papillomata, which occur in the form of warts ; fatty, fibroid, cartilaginous,
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Q Accepted by the Dominion Government as meeting all
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given in overdoses will produce similar results. In addition there must
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usual event in vascular occlusion. When symptoms come to a climax in a
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unless relieved. Or it may be that after the lapse of some weeks or
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Differential. — (1) Acute peritonitis may present some difficulty. In
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and then to receive a second blow directly upon the cerebro-spinal tract.
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At all events, cattle fliould not be fuffered to feed on
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liver they must traverse the lungs, and it is not easy to explain why they
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made a required text for every student of Medicine.
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respects, is an artery. The left ventricle sends its charge into the aorta,
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are ill placed ; and when they are not nearer to each
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conditions, as of the appendix and gall-bladder, or iu slimulating
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associated with man, occasionally find their way into the human ali-
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feven years, and that he does adlually procreate with the
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syphilitic children. It is seldom that an opportunity arises of seeing
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lesion of the lip or in the mouth must be regarded with great suspicion,
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in sufficient quantity to be harmful, in the water which had lain for some
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by gangrene. Obstetrical ergotism has followed even smaller doses. The
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intestinal tract simulating a simple summer diarrhoea. Vomiting is
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third satisfaction, and fourth repletion. Carlson, after numerous ex-
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rupture of the gall bladder from this cause is one of the rarest events