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religion fulfilled that is to say brought to a completion and trans

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gressive nature of lus work. He never rested content

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As a general rule it may be said that the quantity of excretion

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Through the courtesy of our president Mr. Machado we have

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size of a fcetal head at term. The renal pelvis was

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siduity of the pharmacal houses in exploiting their wares

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wards the realm of the abstract. Yet much good work has been

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and the ready adaptation of the medical expert to the views of

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frictional resistance must be negligible as compared with

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more or less complete rest careful medical and nursing

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uretero vesical implantation and the danger of ascending

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serum for therapeutic purposes strict attention must be paid to

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quate portion of this fund 50 000 be placed at the dis

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taste. The oil obtained by percolation of ether through the powdered

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ap aratus or books and the supportof young practitioners

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found that it wa.s ditticult to hold the heart while

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gone calcareous degeneration fibroids complicated by

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The proposition is made that the establishment of such houses

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cies of opinion among obstetricians upon the propriety of speedy deli

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ascribed to them as they are supposed to be connected with an affection

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the cause of whooping cough imtil I am constrained to think

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more developed in Europe first in France and England then in

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urination while the other is the only one capable of erection under

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small calculus while the appendix scar accessibility of a surgeon properly train

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fonils. Kheumati in implication in carie or in rheumatoid artlinti etc.

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wards did the fever reach 100. The tongue cleaned wonderfully though

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reached 28 inches. Although a large health camp was estab

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or antrum when none has previously existed. It should be

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and the ready adaptation of the medical expert to the views of

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of Java give out more heat through the skin than the Europeans

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general health is considerably impaired more prominent symptoms


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pressions of his recent trip abroad in a paper entitled Observa

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The headaches after the accident were about as usual possibly less

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only deal with the subject from the latter point of view.

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experienced relief within thirty six hours after extension

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carried out by a detail of fourteen privates and one sergeant who had

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It must be confessed that half a century ago engineering was little

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a tit the colour was bad aud there were signs of collapse

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tlie most modern lines have taken the place of those in

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to the profession a study of general paresis that is in

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than better by the.Bottini and was then improved by a

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the application of general psychological principles to linguistic

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toxins to the leucocytes and the epithelial cells. lu the

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In daily contact with patients the moral fibre of the physician ie stoutly

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morbid anatomy became predominant the name acquired that anatomical

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cafting away the inward woody part thereof the time of

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From my study of this case I have little doubt that

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horse pig cat sheep and goat being all less than t.oVo inch in

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Meyer Rehfuss and Hawk who similiarly introduced large quan

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burden of suffering humanity that is true heroism. And the

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Springs. Castile was selected for the next place of meet

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as animal life gives truth with fact and motion as its vouch

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However exact may be the Xicloux idmark micro method

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that way it would hold good notwithstanding a change of

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ference appeared before the Committee on Public Health of the Senate

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have the licnelit of fresli air and conntrv life one may

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theory ties it up with thick impervious soils bad town drainage marshes

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Symptomatology and Course. AVhen the complaint has existed

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property of effervescing slightly with acids but does not become decom

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stance and wlien introduced sufficiently far must be gently used as a

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Treatment. To preserve animals from the ravages of the Hypo

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proper temperature discharge their vital functions with activity and are

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limited to acute or chronic conjunctivitis varyin in

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thorax. Smphysema is the real consequence of the lungs being

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properly enforced will make it impossible for any drug habit victim to get

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they had dysmenorrhoea. It is caused generally by malaria and other

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placement of the head being distinctly felt when the

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isms. Man is omnivorous cattle are herbivorous. The normal

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financial demands on the funds of the approved societies.

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large cyst which appeared to be situated between the perito

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rested but the rest of the lung tissue contained numer

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hence absolutely dependent upon the blood supply. Thus it

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vrine breaketh the lone helpeth the dropfie Huer fick

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Rings of light and musc c volitantcs float before the eyes and there

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the diagnoses but it is improbable that many were wrong. In a small

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than an arbitrary time limit based on the number of days

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as suffering with glanders by the ordinary test of mallein.

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lectures.given on alternate Saturdays at 11 15 3 m. The

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speed of 3 000 revolutions for five minutes. After the bulk of

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Army Medical Department medical officer in charge of Her Majesty s troops at